Beauty - When You Are Truly Comfortable in Your Own Skin, Not Everyone Will Like You But You Won't Care One Bit

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Hi beauties!
I had a thought today, my blog is based around everything beauty related, so I wondered do my readers imagine me to be, completely made up with a full face of make up, hair done and with the most beautiful outfit on, while I sit behind a laptop and write every post?
Ill be honest, I imagine all bloggers looking their untimate best while they write every blog post and this has been confirmed when I have met some of them, they always look stunning.  This is just a perception I have and I am aware this is not the case, especially with me.
This is the real world and im not a celebrity with make up artists waiting on me hand and foot and paparazzi waiting in my garden. So most days when I have time to write I am on my day of from work, I am tired and use blogging as my way of relaxing, so I am by no means all made up.  Nine times out of ten I am in my joggers with one of Adams jumpers on with not a scrap of make up on my face and my hair in a top knot with a hair mask in.
It's a treat for your skin to let it breathe so I try not to wear make up unless I am going somewhere and most of the time when I am sitting behind my laptop I look like this below.  Yes I agree my skin isn't perfect actually it has red patches, it gets a bit oily and it gets spots, but who doesn't?
Some people may think that in the picture above I look ugly but you know what, this is me laid bare for all to see and if you don't like what you see, im sorry about that and I feel sorry for you for being so shallow.
I asked my followers on twitter
'Do you wear make up ever single day even if you are not going anywhere, If your answer is yes, why?'
Below are only a few of the responses I got

Now don't get me wrong I love make up and use it to the best of my ability to enhance what nature gave me,  but the point of this post is to say, you dont have to be all made up every single day, im sure the postman wouldn't mind! 

Do you feel confident bare faced? Get involved on Twitter, Use the hashtag #barefacedbeauty and tweet your thoughts and bare faced beautiful pictures!
 Its okay to be bare faced beautiful!

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