About Me

Hello :) Nice to meet you, let me introduce myself and your new favourite place to visit on the internet!

My name is Gemma Button, I am the founder and primary content provider for this Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle sanctuary , Button's Blog.  Starting out in April 2012 as a predominantly beauty blog it's safe to say Buttons Blog has been on a little bit of an adventure.  Along with beauty you can now expect Plus Size Fashion, Travel, Food and Music as part of the varied content available, updated regularly.

In past week or two there has been a very welcome change to Buttons Blog that I am sure you will love as much as I do.  I have had a design genius create a brand new logo and blog design to give my blog the sophisticated facelift it was in much need of.  I feel that this new design is much more fitting to my content and personality.  I plan to write about the whole process in more detail so look out for that.  There will also be a big change to a popular resident feature, The Button Times.  Previously it was just a tab of updates and ideas but I will be transforming this into a weekly newspaper like extension.  I plan to discuss the big stories in the media that week that have stuck out to me or provoked an instant response in my household and any exciting news in the world of Buttons Blog that week.

Please let me know what your favourite aspect of my blog is, your feedback is very welcome, in the comments below.

Lots of love

Gemma Button