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When I was younger and all my friends had their bedroom walls covered in posters of Westlife, Five and Backstreet Boys, I was more than likely in my room with a pair of earphones in blasting Eminem and 50 Cent, boy bands were never really my 'thing'.  I was much more into Rap, Hip Hop and R'n'B and didn't really listen to anything else, much to my parents dismay.  I just didn't have 'the boy band gene'.

Fast forward to 2010 and something strange happened, a boy band was created and from the get go I was hooked.  It's like all of the time I missed listening to boy bands in my younger years will be made up, listening to this band!  There really is only one boy band I could be talking about, made up of five boys from around the British Isles, One Direction.  Four years later and I'm still listening to their music daily.  I wanted to write this post to highlight why, at the age of twenty two I am not ashamed of being a fan of the biggest boyband around!  Just to make it clear to the people reading this who are not fans, I am not some crazy fan girl that waits outside every hotel and venue screaming and crying,  unlike these girls I am significantly more in control of my actions.

It all started when I was eighteen, sitting in a bar in Tenerife, watching X Factor, waiting for the Bar Crawl I was working on to begin.  I was just sipping on my coke when a young boy from Cheshire walked onto the stage, I was glued to the screen, we now all know this young boy as Harry Styles.  This was my first memory of the beginning of One Direction, I remember Liam and Zayn's auditions too but not Louis's and Niall's.  As they all auditioned separately it wasn't until the Bootcamp stage of the competition that Mr Cowell and guest judge Nicole made the best decision ever.  Putting all five boys together in a band, that unknown to them, would one day be selling out Madison Square Garden!  I followed the show religiously until the final and I am not embarrassed to admit I turned off my TV when the boys were voted off, coming third.  One thing always stuck in my mind Zayn's comment 'This isn't the last of One Direction' - wasn't he right!

Three albums later it's safe to say One Direction have captured many girl's attention.  This is one thing I think is fascinating, girls as young as two love them and ladies of forty (my mum) listen to them, appealing to such a wide age range is amazing and something not many boy bands can say they have managed.  So often people question why I like One Direction, with my age often being the reason.  Why should age determine which bands or type of music I should like, it shouldn't so here I am telling everyone, so what I love One Direction, does it matter?  Why should I get funny looks when I'm buying One Direction albums, dvd's, fragrance, nobody should be judged for their taste in music, or anything else for that matter.

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