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Since writing my Why Using Make Up Brushes Make A Difference series, where I went into detail about the ones I use for BaseEyes and Lips, my obsession has only grown stronger.  Whilst I was finding the links to the brushes I had featured, I found new ones that I would love to add to my collection.  Below I will try and justify why I need all of these new tools and brushes.  

Starting from the top left corner where you can see the Zoeva 109 Face Paint Brush, I found this while researching new brands to try and think it will be perfect for contouring with powder bronzer.  The Stand Up Brush Holder and Black Synthetic Kabuki Brush are both from Nanshy, a newly discovered brand that I adore.  I don't own a kabuki and for travelling this holder would be ideal.  The only Crown Brush's that I own are those from the Perfectly Pink collection and as much as I love them I feel that they may not be the best the brand have to offer.  Since reading this blog post from Liza over on Glambeauty's, I am desperate to try the Syntho Deluxe Fan, Liza is such an enabler.  

This next one isn't a brush but a tool, I really want to try the Nanshy Make Up Blending Sponge in order to compare it to the Real Techniques one that I currently use, I'm curious to see if it is different or are all make up sponges the same?  If you read the post detailing my Eco Tools Brush Collection, then you will know I already own the Retractable Kabuki in this wishlist but its so lovely I want another one,  just so I always have one in my handbag and one at home.  Travel friendly brushes are definitely high on my priorities at the moment and having seen so many positive reviews on the Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer Brush, I am desperate to see if it is worth the hype.

Contouring is one of my favourite things to experiment with while I do my make up but I can assure you it is made so much easier with the correct brushes and I think the Eco Tools Face and Body Sculpting Brush would be great for using with a matte bronzer and the Zoeva Luxe Highlighting Brush looks like perfection, I would love to try this with my Mac Soft and Gentle Mineral Skin Finish.  

The Sigma L05 Lip BrushReal Techniques Silicone Liner Brush and Retractable Lip Brush would be the start of my lip brush collection as I currently just use brushes intended for other things, although these work well I long for some 'proper' lip brushes.  

Being completely honest I only want the Real Techniques Shading Brush because I already have the Eye Starter Set and this would match, I am all about having complete sets.  The last two are brushes I really need, I have been using the same brush for powder for over a year now so the Real Techniques Powder Brush just seems like a natural step helping to grow my Real Techniques collection.  Last but certainly not least the Real Techniques Setting Brush, lets just appreciate how perfect this would be for applying powder under the eye to set concealer, I need this brush in my life!

I will just end this post with, goodbye I'm Gemma Button and I'm a Make Up Brush Addict!

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