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Just a few days ago I made a rather large online order from one of my favourite high street fashion stores , New Look, it was lucky that I had a good amount of vouchers to use up or I would have a very sorry looking bank account.

I needed a major overhaul in my wardrobe as nearly everything I owned was either black, white or navy, it was becoming repetitive and I was beginning to enjoy clothes less. Whilst I was double checking my basket there was a very obvious pattern in the colours I had chosen, more than half of them were pastels.  This is not a bad thing as pastels are always great for spring and summer but I was surprised that these were the colour choices I was drawn to as I'm not one to stray away from what I'm used to.

With my newly discovered love of pastel shades, I found New Look's Colour and Mood visual really interesting.  I really enjoyed flicking through the graphic and learning more about the different colour trends, make sure you have a look and find out more about the colours you wear!

 I completely agree with New Look's take on what the colours mean, as when I see someone wearing muted pastels they immediately come across more calm and tranquil as a person. Same goes for the candy sweet shades, they just ooze fun and happiness therefor the people wearing them must be full of fun and happiness, right?  I'm excited to see if when I'm wearing my new clothes, in all their pastel glory, will it alter my mood?  I will definitely report back on this in future outfit posts featuring my new pastel purchases.

Plum/purple hair is not mentioned in the 'Shade that Suits' section so it will be an experiment with my purchases to find out which pastel shades suit me best, I'm secretly hoping for mint greens and pink as they are the ones that I was drawn to most, I'm imagining they will make my hair stand out and be the most noticeable focus of my overall look.  If you have similar hair colour to me, what pastel shades do you find suit you best, please let me know in the comments!

Would you like to see a haul with the things I picked up in New Look in my recent order?

*collaboration with New Look

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