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Beauty, Skincare, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Lush, Lush Let the Good Times Roll, Exfoliating Cleanser, exfoliating skincare, Cruelty Free Beauty,

Beauty, Skincare, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Lush, Lush Let the Good Times Roll, Exfoliating Cleanser, exfoliating skincare, Cruelty Free Beauty,

Exfoliation is an essential step in my skincare routine, I find that it helps my skin to look healthier, feel softer and ensures I get the best results from other products as it helps to remove dead and dry skin, ensuring serums and moisturisers are easily absorbed into the skin.  I use two exfoliating cleansers, one of which I will be reviewing today,  Lush's Let The Good Times Roll.

This little pot of joy, which made it's first appearance as part of the Christmas range a couple of years ago, has now been made a permanent fixture to the amazing skincare range in store and online, thank you to the genius who made that happen!

I like to use this every second day as part of my evening skincare routine once I have removed my make up. The vitamin rich polenta and gently exfoliating maize flour work together with stimulating cinnamon powder, to gently buff away any dead skin cells, leaving my skin really soft and hydrated with a healthy glow.
Lush describe the scent of Let The Good Times Roll as a buttery popcorn, which I agree with to an extent but to me smells slightly sweeter than this, more like toffee popcorn.  It's difficult to explain how delicious it smells, I urge you to visit your nearest Lush shop and experience it for yourself, thank me later.

Let The Good Times Roll is a completely different texture to any other cleansers I have used, this different approach makes it really fun to use.  I just get a pea sized amount and mix in the palm of my hand with some water, creating a paste, I then massage into my skin for about a minute and rinse off with warm water.  What I love about this is you can control how scrubby you want this to be depending on how much water you add when making the paste.   Some exfoliating skincare products have often left me feeling the need to moisturise instantly after use, like they strip my skin of any natural oils and moisture.   This is not the case with this one, after rinsing my skin feels deeply moisturised but not oily, it's fantastic.

I was using this for about six months,  and have gone through three 100g tubs in that time, finishing my last pot at the end of March.  As the formula is preservative free it is recommended that it is used within three months of being made, Lush make this really easy to remember by placing stickers on each little black pot, these detail when it was made, who made the product and when it should be used by.  I know people use this after the recommended use by date but personally I wouldn't do this.  It may feel okay to use but the results will not be as effective compared to a fresh batch,

As I mentioned I finished my last pot of this around the end of March and have not repurchased as now the weather is warming up a little, my skin is feeling less dehydrated and will gradually become oilier as we come into summer.  I think for my skin this is most effective when it's colder outside.  I am now using an exfoliating cleanser that is in my collection all year round and will be sharing it with you very soon.

This can also be used as an all over body cleanser, I haven't tried this as I like to save it all for my face, please let me know if you have and what it was like in the comments below.

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