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I have been on the lookout for an everyday ring for quite some time now, the only other jewellery I wear everyday is my Tiffany necklace I got for my twenty first birthday,  so it is definitely time for a new addition.  it's not been an easy task as I wanted something quite specific and the gemstone I wanted is not widely available within the budget I have set aside.   I recently came across Gemporia on twitter and was delighted to see they stocked a few rings with the gemstone I have been looking for, White Sapphire.

As I was born in September Sapphire is my birthstone, if you are a regular reader you will know how sentimental I am, meaning this is my favourite gemstone.  I am not a fan of the classic dark blue sapphires because truthfully I find them slightly dated, so the white and light colour alternatives are definitely my preference.  They look similar to diamonds, but to me they mean more being relevant to me personally, as well as being a lot more purse friendly.  One day I will be able to treat myself to one of the amazing pieces part of Gemporia's extensive range of diamonds but for now I will be indulging in my birthstone.

My initial picks from Gemporia were the white sapphire pieces but after browsing for a while I was drawn to the light blue stones too, it's so pretty and perfect for the current pastel trend at the moment.  I also fell in love with the light blue aquamarine and turquoise rings as they are quite different than my usual taste being a little bit more casual than the others which I think would make it easier to wear on a day to day basis.  The best thing about all four of these rings is, they are all around £50 which is amazing considering the quality and outstanding beauty of each piece.

Aside from the how beautiful the jewellery is and how affordable the pieces I was interested in were, the thing that really captured me about Gemporia was the ethos behind the brand.  Gemporia works very closely with The Colourful Life Foundation to aid communities where the gemstones are found, educating and supporting them so they can grow as we do.

The Colourful Life Foundation is a zero cost charity to support and educate communities from all over the world. Recent projects include Gemporia cycling over 17,000 miles to raise £85,000 for charity, and’s CEO, Steve Bennett has recently walked to the North Pole to raise money for charity. Giving back to the communities where Gemporia sources it’s gemstones is at the heart of the brands ethos. Steve Bennett the founder of believes that mother nature planted some of the world’s rarest gemstones in these communities that needed support, and in return for these treasures the brand continues to support these communities by building schools, libraries and water tanks

Which piece do you think I decided on in the end?

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