Fashion - If You Chase Two Rabbits Both Will Escape

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Jumper/Jeans/Shoes/Bag/Nails/Lips/Necklace/Ring(made to order)
 If there is one thing I love about this time of year it is the build up to Easter Weekend, in my family it's always been a time where we all get together more so than any other time of the year, its special to me. Being a predominantly Muslim country, Morocco does not widely celebrate Easter and boy am I missing the hype.  There are no easter eggs in shops, there are no bunny or chick inspired clothing, nothing.  So I thought I would make up for it by showing you all what my perfect Easter Weekend would consist of, starting with my outfit.

I love this Jumper from Yours Clothing, its novelty without being tacky and styling it with a pair of jeans just keeps it simple and the focus still being on the bunny.  I decided to play on the pink of the bunny's bow for lips, nails and necklace to add some more colour plus pastels are very on trend at the moment.  Tanya Burr's First Date Lipgloss is fast becoming my favourite lip product at the moment, I will be reviewing it in full very soon so all I will say is the colour is a very subtle pink and super glossy while still being super pigmented.  I love the name of this OPI polish, Chic from Ears to Tail, I thought it was very fitting with a bunny themed outfit.  I always wear shoes like these Vans when im at home because my Granny's house is in the countryside so I have to be practical, these wouldn't stay white for very long though.  I have decided I need this Topshop backpack, it's perfect, end of discussion.  One of my favourite pieces that makes up this Easter inspired outfit is the ring, this is from a collection by Brighton based jewellery designer Jon Forster.  The attention to detail is esquisite, clearly displaying his extensive knowledge of design as well as his love for nature.  As every piece is handmade to order these don't come cheap but you would expect something with such detail and craftmanship to have a hefty pricetag.

This outfit is super casual because for me, Easter Weekend is about spending time with family at my Granny's.  I love Easter Egg hunts in the local forest, scavenger hunts in the garden and egg painting competitions within the family.  You can see what I got up to last year, in my Easter Weekend in Scotland post, beware though it contains the biggest Easter egg collection in the world!

What are your plans for Easter Weekend this year?

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