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This is something I haven't done before on Button's Blog, show you exactly where to follow me and going into more detail why you should.  Of course you can always discover the different social media platforms I use,  for yourself by clicking the icons in the little birds above my profile picture, but in these posts I will be letting you in on some secrets I use to make these platforms work best for my blog and why I like using them.  I'm no expert but these are just little things I do and they seem to be working. I will be writing a a separate post for each specific platform to make sure I can go into more detail.  First up in this series will be all about Bloglovin so keep reading if you want to know more. 

Bloglovin is my preferred place for everyone to follow me due to it being the first place my posts are published other than directly at my URL, lets be honest I doubt anyone sits with my page open on their browser 24/7 refreshing in the hope of a new post, making Bloglovin the place to be.  Following me here will ensure you are one of the first people to see any new and exciting content before anyone else due to everything I post on my blog being automatically posted to Bloglovin, this is just one of the great features of connecting your blog with Bloglovin allows.  There is also a feature which lets you have every post instantly posted on Facebook and Twitter at the same time.  This would be great if you have little time on your hands to personally promote your new posts, at the moment I am blessed to have some extra time on my hands so like to promote my posts myself, although I will definitely need to use this additional tool in the future.

Also people who do not have a blog or use any other platforms can sign up to Bloglovin via email or Facebook, most of my family and non blogging friends follow my posts this way now.

I decided it was a must for my readers to follow me on Bloglovin because it is my personal favourite place to keep up with my own favourite blogs.  It is so easy to keep up to date as everything is in date and time order of when it was posted and marks which posts you have read, meaning no more clicking on a post only to realise you have read it previously.

 As well as being the ultimate reading platform, Bloglovin tells you who followed you so you can check them out and follow back in return if you enjoy their blog.  The like feature also lets you achieve the same but also allows you to see at a glance which posts are being most enjoyed by your loyal readers.

Tell me in the comments below if you found this useful and is there anything you do on Bloglovin that I should know about?

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