Life - A Letter to My Younger Self

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A letter to my younger self; I genuinely wish there was a way for this to be reality, an unwritten rule that at birth you are given this letter to refer to throughout life, it really would eliminate some of the questions I find myself asking now in my twenties. Unfortunately this will never be the case, unless a time machine is invented, so I intend to let you in on the advice I would give a younger Gemma Button in my 'birth letter' from myself.

Hi Gemma, (not Jemima Roberta, it was a close call)

Welcome to the world, it's the 24th September 1991 and everyone is delighted you are finally here after arriving 9 days late, you must have been comfortable in your Mummy's tummy!  This here is your guide to life, well kind of, more of a when you’re not sure, refer to me guide.  It will contain most of the important stuff, the photos are a glimpse into the future, it's up to you to make sure some of them never happen and be happy with the things that do, capture every moment.

Firstly, I urge you to make the most of the people who make the most of you.  One person you will build a close bond with is your Mum.  Your Mum loves you more than anyone else in the whole world and will be the one person who is there for you every single step of the way and will never give up on you, even when everyone else does.  Appreciate the little things she does like, building you a toy room, injecting magic into your life with the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, helping with homework, always providing anything you need and trying to keep you safe.  This amazing lady will show you that anything is possible if you work hard enough, watch her triumph through hard times and take strength in that you have it in you to do the same. 

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Your Auntie Sinead is special, make the most of every single one-on-one moment with her because one day she will have a beautiful baby of her own and one-on-one time will become less regular.  Every word of advice she will ever give you is in your best interests, please listen to her.

Your Grandparents are two of the most amazing people you will ever have the pleasure of spending time with, love them both so much your heart could explode and tell them at every possible opportunity, trust me one day you will wish you could say it just once more. 

That boy with the ginger hair, do not get into a relationship with him and definitely do not let him put a ring on your finger, he's a rat.  Hang onto 'The One' when you find him.  Erin, Rachel and Carolann are the best friends you will ever have.  You will also meet loads of new ones, including Miss Charl, who you will one day describe as your brain twin, without a doubt an all round good egg.  Please, please make sure you have at least one holiday abroad with each of these girls, you will regret it if you don't.

a letter to my younger self, advice to my younger self, competiiton, legal and general, Life, what would you tell your younger self,

All the women in your life are very intelligent, listen to them when they tell you to pay attention in school and get the grades you are capable of, not grades that just get you by.  You MUST go to college and complete a course in online marketing - it will benefit you in the future.  Find a job you adore, within the tourism or beauty industry, you will love it. Whatever you do don't let educational or employment based opportunities pass you by, grab them all with two hands and most importantly do not let a boy get in the way.  Also when everyone tells you to never get an overdraft listen to them, open a savings account instead. 

Beauty will always be a big interest of yours, I urge you to make wise decisions from a young age as far as 'trends' go.  Do not shave your legs until you really have to and whatever you do leave the hair on your arms alone!  Neon pink eye shadow will never look good, especially not with silver glittery eyeliner.  At the age of twelve you will be gifted a pair of hair straightening irons, be grateful and look after them but whatever you do don't use them every fifteen minutes!  Bleach is for cleaning, end of story, never be tempted to have your hair bleached, it ruins your gorgeous locks.  False tan should always look like you have been lying on a beach for a couple of days not like you have been rolling around in Doritos for 12 hours.  Please don't cut your hair short, you won't like it and get bad entensions.  The final thing is eyebrows - do not pluck them, ever, leave it to the professionals.

a letter to my younger self, advice to my younger self, competiiton, legal and general, Life, what would you tell your younger self,

Look after yourself by making your health a priority, do not smoke, only drink alcohol in moderation, enjoy exercise and build up a healthy relationship with food, at no point in your life will twenty cigarettes, red bull and crisps be a healthy daily diet, ever!  If you insist on doing these things at least get open a life insurance policy.

Above all, always be the best version of yourself and live an honest life and hold onto the special memories you make with the special people in your life, they will be priceless.

I'm sure you are now wondering who this letter is from? Well, I am the one and only person who knows you inside and out…………..the twenty two year old version of you, make me proud!

 This post surprised me how many different emotions I experienced whilst writing, the power of writing amazes me.  I urge everyone reading to write a letter to your younger self, blogger or not.  Of course there is a competition that Legal and General are running so you could win something for your efforts, (details below) but even if you don't put it online writing it will truly make you realise how special the people in your life are and how much you have achieved, or how little, which will in turn give you the motivation to make some changes.

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