Life - I've Made a Decision, I'm Going to Morocco for One Year

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If you follow me on the various social media sites you will know that I am currently living in Morocco.  The question I keep being asked is why and are you still there?  My normal response is; 'fancied a change of scenery, don't know how long for.'

Well today you have the truth.

I split up with my boyfriend, my choice but it still destroyed me.  I completely lost myself.  I stopped blogging, I didn't enjoy work as much as I used to, I was lonely.

I spent six months trying to 'get over' the situation, if you call going out every weekend night, spending time with people who are not really your friends and generally not looking after yourself properly 'getting over'.

Lester Bangs, Almost Famous, Phillip Seymour Hoffman

I lost friends, some choices, some not.  I made stronger friendships with the friends I wanted.  I was still lonely.

Having a Scottish accent in Birmingham guaranteed the question, 'How did you end up here?' always came up in conversation and I was sick of my ex being the primary reason I was there.  I wanted a new story to tell.  I needed a fresh start. 

'You can be stood in a room of one thousand people and still be lonely.'

I phoned my mum, who lives in Morocco and asked the dreaded question at twenty two years old and having lived away from home since I was 15, can I come home?  You may be thinking, but your from Scotland, yes I am.  Home will forever be wherever my Mum is.

I don't know how long I'm going to be here, could be six months, could be a year, could be forever.  I have a few different things I want to look into and luckily I have the opportunity to really think and decide what I want.

So I am here living my fresh start, no longer lonely-with a smile on my face.

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