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Hello Everyone,

So last week I shared with you the first couple of things I use in preparation for using one of my favourite face masks, which you can read HERE.  Hopefully you enjoyed those and will be glad to know that today I will be telling you all about the next product I use

This stage in my routine is something really special and makes the whole experience more like an at home spa treatment, I find it really relaxing and slightly more pampering than just applying a mask on its own.

Full of Grace Serum Bar

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Full of Grace Serum Skincare Review

Full of Grace Serum Bar looks just like one of the Lush body massage bars but do not be confused, this little beauty is all for your face, it is about half the size of one of the solid shampoo bars . This was developed for using in the Lush Spa's during the Validation Facial Treatment. It was created to be very special and luxurious for use during facial massage, that could be worked into the skin with ease without it feeling too heavy or oily.

Packed into this product are so many amazing ingredients that help with so many different aspects of your skin. This was created by Helen one of the Lush founders. She started by taking fresh rose petals and soaked them in water, creating the calming rose water.  Mixing this rose water with murumuru butter, capuacu butter and almond oil, created the base of Full of Grace. These all work really well together and leave the face feeling moisturised and supple. You would think this bar couldn't get any better, well fortunately for us, it does. Helen also managed to work in some fresh portobello mushrooms for their vitamins and antioxidants and calamine powder to cool the skin whilst controlling excess oil. After adding a blend of only the best essential oils Full of Grace was completed and ready to take on the world.

I like to use Full of Grace prior to applying my chosen face mask for a number of reasons;
  • It makes the application of any face mask smooth and effortless, it just glides across the skin making for an even layer every time.
  • A serum helps other products work into the skin and go deeper, so this helps the ingredients in  face masks be even more effective, allowing you to get better results from face masks.
  • It makes the removal of your face mask a pleasure revealing moisturised, supple skin every single time.
  • It can also be used as a moisturiser and I love applying this underneith my night cream, when my skin is feeling particularly dry or irritated, allowing my skin to feed on the ingredients as I sleep.
Using Full of Grace could not be more simple, I just take the bar in one hand and glide it across the other, the heat of your body slightly melts the serum bar leaving the perfect amount of product on the palm of your hand. I then massage this into my skin in upward motions until my entire face is covered. As you only ever use a tiny amount this little bar last forever.

One initial concern was that it may be too oily for my oily/combination skin but the calamine powder actually helped to control the excess oil I experience on my t-zone area and it is easy to control than ever before. Serums I have tried before now all were basically a mix of water and silicone, Im delighted Helen managed to make one that was made entirely of natural ingredients that contains no preservatives. I have now been using Full of Grace since April 2013 and couldn't imagine my face mask routine without it.
Do you use any serum in your skincare routine, which one do you use and why?



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