Beauty - Skinetica Anti Blemish Lotion Review - Revisited

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Nearly a year ago I reviewed Skinetica, you can read that review here.  At the time it was popping up everywhere with mixed reviews, so I came to the conclusion that it definitely works better with some skin types better than others.
  I still really enjoy using Skinetica for when I experience breakouts.  I don't use it as an all over toner anymore, the only reason for this being I have enjoyed trying different toners.  Having enjoyed it so much I wanted to spread the word and had a bottle to spare.  I gifted my Auntie Sinead a bottle last April, as she was complaining that her skin wasn't at it's best.  This is what she had to say;

Hi Gemma,

I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for the gift of anti-blemish skinetica.

Being in my mid thirties and having a problem with spots for the past 5 years I am just delighted with the results after using this product.

I have used a variety of blemish treatments over the years and even used an anti biotic solution prescribed by the doctor, none if which cleared my skin and in fact probably made my skin look and feel worse!

For me anti-blemish skinetica does exactly what it claims on the bottle "soothes calms clears" it is reasonably fast acting and kind to my skin. After about 4 days applying the treatment, every 12 hours as directed, my spots have cleared up leaving no red marks or dry skin.

I am so pleased with the results and very grateful for you taking the time to provide me with a product that you thought would benefit my sensitive skin.

I will not hesitate to ask for any skin care advice in the future, thanks a million!!

Warmest regards,

Aunty Sinead xx

I wanted to share this with you as Sinead's point of view really surprised me.  With her skin being so sensitive I did have a slight worry she would react, but after explaining this she was still excited to try it, thank goodness she gave it a try.

Have you ever gifted somebody a product that dramatically changed their life?

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