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This is something you will have not seen on here before or on many blogs, talking about periods, more specifically period pain.  It's something that most of us girls have to suffer with each month and something that not many of us talk about, well not anymore, here I am giving my two pence worth.

The reason I wanted to do a post about period pain is because I suffer with really severe cramps on the first day of my period each month.  The only way I could describe this pain is that it feels like there is an elephant sitting on my uterus, yes that bad. Dramatic Gemma at her best off course.  I have came to the conclusion that it is so bad on the first day because I don't suffer any pain for the rest of my period, so I think its mother nature's way of saying 'Here you go have all of the pain on this one day and I will be kind to you on the other days'.  In response to mother nature I would love to ask her why she couldn't, in this day and age just send a text saying, 'Your not pregnant, have a nice day'. 

Funny thought; Imagine that period pain burned calories, we would all be throwing tampons on the floor and rolling about in them, celebrating that we were going to burn off all the chocolate we had eaten naturally, if only.

Anyway it's all going to be okay because I have found a solution, this solution comes in the form of Nurofen Period Pain Express Heat Patches.  I was gifted these from a friend before coming to Morocco as she knew how badly I suffered with pain and I couldn't be more thankful, these are amazing.  I normally just get a hot water bottle and spend a day on the sofa eating chocolate, as you do, but now I can go about my day as normal thanks to Nurofen.

This amazing invention is a heat patch activated as soon as you break the seal on the packaging, its air that makes it heat up, like those funky hand warmers but for your phoof.  You just stick it to the inside of your best pair of Bridget Jones Pants (not onto your skin!) where you feel you need pain relief the most and off you go.  So simple, so genius and my new best friend.  I was worried that maybe the stickiness wouldn't last very long and you would be left with a loose pad floating about in your pants, ain't nobody got time for that, but thankfully it stays put.  Nurofen claims that it gives up to eight hours pain relief, unfortunately that is not true in my case.  It lasted about six hours before it started to cool down, but six hours is good enough for me, any relief is better than none.

I hope that if you suffer with elephants sitting on your uterus like me that this post has helped you or encouraged you to try these little wonders because I promise you they work miracles.  If anyone has any natural solutions please share them in the comments below or tweet/email me. 

I'm off to text Mother Nature and ask her 'Why blood, couldn't it have been fairy dust or something?'



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