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At the beginning of the year, as always, I *thought* about going on some kind of diet.  It wasn't gonna be some crazy you can only eat lettuce and cucumber diet but maybe just more added fruit and vegetables in place of the less healthy options I adore, I suppose a much needed balanced routine.

After looking into it quite extensively I have decided not to go on a diet, hoorah hoorah, but to indeed manage the way I eat slightly better.  Balance is going to be a massive part of the change as it is something I really struggle with.

Some days I go all day without eating a thing and purely functioning on liquids, other days I could eat the weight of a small horse within the matter of hours, this as I'm sure you all know is not healthy on any level.  There is no structure in the way I eat and it is completely controlled by the way I am feeling.  There are three kinds of days;

1. I don't eat all day and then just pick at night or have a meal, depends how I'm feeling.    On these days even if I feel hungry I go to the fridge look and unless there is exactly what I want I won't eat anything.   I sometimes get the urge for plain things like bread, eggs, cheese but as soon as I think about cooking them I go off the idea and have a coffee or juice instead, its really strange.

2. Normal days when I eat breakfast lunch and dinner with healthy snacks, on these days I always feel more energised and get a lot more done, this in turn ensures I get a better nights sleep, I want to feel like this more often.  I enjoy cooking and love making my favourite recipes and experimenting with new ones, on days like this I will cook and have fun in the kitchen, eating included.

3. Give me all of the food days, I want everything.  I would eat breakfast lunch and dinner, snacks, snacks and more snacks.  I want take away food, chocolate, crisps, cheese, fizzy pop.

My god after writing that it has made me realise how unstructured my eating really is. 

Also this year I have not drank alcohol, not intentionally but in Morocco (being a Muslim country) the drinking culture is pretty much non existent.  Off course you get alcohol in hotels and restaurants and can even buy it in the supermarkets but going to the pub for one after work is replaced by coffee, man they drink a lot of coffee here.  This has been really beneficial to my skin and I have noticed a massive difference and also realised that I don't actually like the taste of alcohol and don't miss it one bit.  I think this is what kick started the interest of having a healthier and balanced diet, if my skin looks this good with no alcohol, imagine what it could look like with healthier food.

I know I eat too much pasta, cheese and bread so Id like to improve that by adding more wholewheat products and limiting my cheese intake.  Coffee, tea and fizzy pop my vices, definitely way over the caffeine limit so drinking more water would definitely be beneficial.  Hello I'm Gemma and I'm a Carb monster with a caffeine addiction.

My weight is something I have never really been happy with until now.  Well I say weight I really mean shape, I like the shape my body is at the moment but would like it more toned and I feel that the first step along with exercise to this is a more balanced diet.

In the hope to keep me focused I am going to introduce a couple of new features here,  recipe posts, food diaries and updates on how it is making me feel from the inside out.  This won't be any kind of weight loss journey(no scales in my house) but just a body improvement journey.

Beauty is in your heart, it starts from the inside.

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