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This has been my favourite outfit in a very long time I've worn variations of it for a few different occasions.  This one in particular was my staff night out with Lush at the end of November, we went for a meal at The Pitcher and Piano and myself and a couple of friends carried it on dancing the night away down Hurst Street.
How to Style New Look Shoes, Belt and Dress
Outfit featuring New Look, Primark, Boots.
Shoe Boots - (New Look (£19.99))
Belt - New look (£6.99, no longer available)
Tights - Primark (100 denier £2.50)
The day I bought this outfit I was in a rush and asked he lady to help me, she had just spoken to me for a second and came back with this whole outfit, minus the tights.  As soon as I put the dress on I felt amazing, a dress hadn't fitted me so well for a long time.  The neckline flatters my chest and feels comfortable, not too tight like a lot of dresses can when you have larger breasts. The waist panel is slightly elasticated letting the skirt just hang perfectly skimming over my tummy.
This belt adds a little bit of glamour but in an understated way, its the perfect width for the dress and draws attention to my upper body taking focus away from my tummy,which is the part of my body that no attention is good attention.
Black tights are a staple in my wardrobe especially in winter when its already -1 before tea time.  I have been repurchasing these tights from Primark for years and they never let me down.
These wedge shoe boots are very simple with just a little gold buckle at the side, I wanted them to be simple to just give the illusion of never ending legs, a girl can dream eh.  I wore them from 7pm to 6am and kept them on all night long, to me its a massive deal because I'm not very good at shoes with height especially after a few cocktails.

Ring - (Topshop last summer sale £1)
My Hair was freshly coloured on the day these photographs were taken so it looks the best it can colourwise.  I opted for a curly blow dry pinned to the side for a little bit of sophisticated glamour, (you can read how this look was achieved here) I really enjoyed having my hair like this because it was easy to retouch throughout the night, it was so refreshing not having to worry about it being straight.
These nails from Boots are my all time favourite falsies, the length and width are perfect as I have tiny nail beds and always have to use the smallest sizes in a box of nails. With these I can get two full sets from one pack, each set lasts about 10 days on my nails, this makes for a happy Button.  Sometimes I buy the uncoloured ones but on this occasion the colour matched my hair perfectly.
I decided to keep my make up really classic and make the red lip the focus, I'm going to post about this separately because I quite fancy recreating the look so that will be up soon.
What do you think of this outfit?
Lots of Love

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