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Hi Everyone,

Now you all probably thought I had disappeared off the face of the Earth, which I did for a little while but this was for good reason.  If you have read my blog for a while you may know that I am originally from Inverness, Scotland and that I had moved here to be with my boyfriend in August 2011, well unfortunately we split up at the end of June.  In all honesty I think it was a good decision and even though at the time it felt horrendous and that everything in the time we had been together had been a waste of time, I am now looking at it as a lesson.  Yes I broke down, yes I cried and yes I missed him to start with but after the initial hurt, confusion, loneliness I started to realise it had been over for a long time and ending it was the best decision I have ever made.  I'm not going to go into it too much more but I will tell you how much I have been enjoying the independence this has given me.

I now feel that without the added responsibility of having to keep a man boy happy i have been able to concentrate on other aspects of my life in greater detail.  I have spent more time with friends and made lots of new ones, drank unacceptable amounts of alcohol, danced my way through the weekends, worked harder than ever, spent all the money in the world on things I didn't need and dyed my hair a crazy colour but the main thing I have done is have fun!  I think being in the monotonous routine of a long fizzled out relationship I forgot that I was only 21 and should be having fun, but believe me I am making up for it now.

As I lived with my ex I could no longer live with him and if it had not been for one of the best friends a girl could ask for I would probably still be with him, Katie, without even realising, gave me the best gift a friend ever could, a place to live and in a round about way a way out! I moved in with Katie the day I left and it has been amazing, pamper days, sharing our beauty treats, eating too much chocolate are part of our weekly routine. Katie's boyfriend lives here too which is always a bonus when he invites his brother round, a little bit of eye candy never hurt anyone.  We all share the house with the cutest little kitten, Chuck, having a fluffy little animal running around all day is brilliant, I may have fallen in love with him slightly.

Cute Ginger Kitten

Now it is a known fact that after  break up it is common for girls to change their hair, I did colour my hair very soon after my break up but I had been thinking about the colour for over eight months it just took a new found confidence to finally get it done.  I wanted plum hair and plum hair is exactly what I got.  Iv recently gone a bit crazy for the colour purple and my hair is a slightly more vibrant plum colour and can look really purple in some lights, I love it so much! I got the cut and colour done at Birmingham's Francesco Group Academy which I have posted about before (you can read the post here).

I have attended a couple of events recently including  VintSetFest.   The VintSetFest was held at the Custard Factory in Birmingham it was amazing, hand on heart the best event I have ever been to.  I enjoyed the relaxed but professional atmosphere all night and genuinely didn't want the evening to end.  The brands that attended were fabulous and my highlight of the night was speaking to Mark from Macadamia Oil and I even treated myself to some products.  The panel including ladies from Clothes Show Live and ASOS was a really nice way to break up the evening, the experts were asked questions that all the bloggers attending had previously sent before the event.  The band towards the end of the evening just finished it off nicely, this was such a well put together event and i hope there will be many more.

VintSetFest Blogger Event

I mentioned above that I treated myself to some new Macadamia Oil products, well it didn't really stop there.  I have been treating myself a lot recently because I used to save a lot of my money so myself and  my ex could do things as a couple but now its all about me. One of my favourite buys is definitely my Mac Palette, I have wanted one for such a long time and love it dearly so will definitely be reviewing this in full very soon. One thing I need to mention is the amazing customer service I received when choosing my eye shadows, the lady at the Birmingham Canon Street store is a credit to the company and if all Mac employees showed the same enthusiasm and helpfulness my attitude towards their continual appalling customer service would be transformed.

Mac,Macadamia Oil, One Direction, Laura Mercier, Vera Wang

So with all these new cosmetics to try out I needed somewhere to go. Friday 26th July was the day Miss Charl, Lil Miss Chickas and myself were reunited, thank all of the gods.  We started the night off at the Birmingham Institute where Charl introduced us to her recent obsession, The Ratells (check them out on You Tube and Twitter).  The Ratells  are a band that she has been telling me about for a few months now and I only wish we had ventured to see them before this night as I was late and missed them perform, sorry boys.  But....and this is a massive but, we met the four guys in the band after they performed and even had a couple of drinks with them, this is slightly cringy but this was all very cool and made all three of us feel cool and like teenagers again.  That was the part of the night where it all got a little bit crazy, myself and Charl decided to go out on the town afterwards.  It was a long night and one of the most amazing nights of my recent life, basically we danced with all of the men and drank all of the alcohol in all of the world.  I feel the need to explain the over use of ''all of'' this was a phrase that I found appropriate to use in any given situation on the night and the more alcohol that was added to my system the funnier the sentences sounded (maybe you had to be there).

H&M, New Look, Primark, Outfit of the Night

With my social and home life going so well it wold only make sense for work to be going just as well, its not just going well it is amazing.  I am now a keyholder/supervisor and have a full time contract so I'm spending a lot more time at work and have been able to leave my other job in a supermarket.  I genuinely love being at work, the people I work with, the customers and off course the beautiful products.  This week I was sent on perfume training which has sparked a love affair with the perfume that we have available at work.  So much time, thought and effort has gone into every single fragrance and that motivates me to put more time and effort when showing these perfumes to customers.  It also was my first official training session and I learnt a lot about the founders and understood the ethics of Lush better by the end of the day, I really do work for a very heart felt company.

Lush Fresh Handmade cosmetics Gorilla Perfume,

So I hope with my openness and honesty you can understand why I have taken a little time away for a while, but now I'm back I'm more passionate than ever and can't wait to start blogging more regularly again, I have missed it so much and have so much to show you.

Lots of Love




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