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I'm sure I've said many times before that until I started blogging and reading blogs I didn't have any kind of skincare routine, it consisted of  whatever baby wipes were on special offer in boots and that was it.  I always suffered with extremely oily skin and breakouts when using this one step routine which is not surprising and is now shocking to think I did this for such a long time.  I would say for the best part of two years I have really got into skincare and my skin has thanked me for it, I don't suffer with breakouts and my skin has balanced out dramatically. 

As much as I followed a routine I never really fell in love with a product until I found Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish .  I really liked this product and used it for months but the down side was I always went through the bottles quickly as I felt the need to double cleanse with it.

This is why, to me, the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm is ,even better I simply ADORE every single thing about it.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm
Available at Time to Spa £39.50 105g

The Packaging looks good, feels nice and even on my travels has never leaked or unscrewed in my luggage.

The smooth, firm, balm smells incredible as soon as the lid is removed and intensifies while warming the balm between your fingertips pre-application.  The lavender, geranium, eucalyptus leaf  and clove leaf oils are the ingredients that I would say mingle together to create this calming spa like scent.

For me balms are the easiest kind of cleansers to use and this one is no different.  I start by warming the balm between my finger tips to ensure it is completely drag free on the skin.  Once I am happy with the consistency I massage onto my face avoiding the eyes.  While I do this a wash cloth is under hot running water - the hotter the water the better the results - but not to hot that it would burn, common sense folks!  I squeeze out any excess water in the wash cloth so that it is just damp and begin to remove the cleanser from my face, with the cleanser comes any make up or dirt from the day.

I just want to take a moment to appreciate the wash cloth, flannel, whatever you want to call it that comes in the pack, it is so good.  Soft but with enough oomph to give you a gentle exfoliation.  It was refreshing to see a quality wash cloth with a cleanser like this rather than the usual muslin cloth.

The blend of almond, jojoba and coconut oil, flower and bee waxes as well as shea butter meant that immediately my skin felt softer, looked brighter and pores were not as visible. I continued using this but only on nights when I wanted a really deep, pampering cleanse as at £39.50 it is out of my budget to use everyday.  Unlike previous cleansers I have used only one cleanse is neccesary with amazing results. 

The only thing I would change about this product would be to make it suitable for removing eye make up.  Unfortunately during my first use I found out that this is not comfortable for use on the eyes as it can sting slightly.  I combat this by removing any eye make up before cleansing.

Thank you Elemis for allowing me to really fall in love and appreciate something so beneficial for my skin.



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