Love - Shot Me Outta the Sky You're My Kryptonite

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Source - Zac Efron, Scene from 'The Lucky One'

The idea for this post occurred to me while listening to One Direction, as much as Liam Payne has  pissed me off recently, I'm still listening.  Judge me if you will it won't change my opinion, proving that their lyrics are more than just something for tweenagers to sing along to.

The title of this post are lyrics from one of my favourite songs from the five piece sensation, One thing, google it and make up your own mind what it means to you before I tell you the thoughts it provoked for me.

I think that the definition, according to Urban Dictionary (source), is quite accurate in regards to what I want to write about today;

"Related to the Superman movies: Superman's weakness. The only thing that can hurt the man of steel, man/woman that calls someone their kryptonite means that they are their weakness. Someone or something they have to stay away from because they want it even though it's not good for them or will hurt them, someone you want but can't have can be called your kryptonite."

Before you ask, yes I am referring to myself as 'Superwoman' for the duration of this post.  Why, even though we know something or in this case someone is not compatible with ourselves, do we still want them to be with us or part of our lives?  Is it because you are truly in love with that person and fate is trying to keep you together?  Is it just what your used to and your more comfortable with what is familiar to you?  I'm undecided but I have a few theories;

1.  I think that when you have at one time been in love with someone that the feeling never completely goes away, there will always be a part of me that hold some kind of love for ex boyfriends, some more than others but definitely a definition of love.  There is no proven mathematical equation for how long it can take you to 'get over' an ex but according to this source it would take me one year to get over a relationship of two to four years, so maybe the said source is correct and I'm just riding the break-up roller coaster, who knows.

2. It is a known fact to everyone that knows me that I do not like change, no matter how many changes I have had in my life, I don't like it.  As I have grown as a person I have learnt to deal with it better in some aspects but not when it revolves around love and relationships.  So maybe it could be that I'm hanging onto something that I'm not ready to change yet, again who knows.

3. Do I only want it because I can't have it, would I really want it if I could have it at the snap of my fingers.  I don't think so.  Just like when Romeo and Julliet fall in love its all very dramatic because they couldn't be together, it was always a risk, I believe that made them want it more.  If they had been allowed to be together, would they have even been that interested, I suppose we will never know.


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