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If I had £1 for every time someone asked me what colour I use on my hair and where I get it done Id be a millionaire, so instead of the usual answer, 'I can't remember I get it done at the salon', I have decided to let you all in on the secret.

Francesco Group Academy, Wella Colour touch 55/65,

Since my first visit in December 2012(which you can read about here) I have been getting my hair cut, coloured and styled at the Francesco Group Academy, Birmingham.  I love the relaxing atmosphere, the products used but most of all watching the stylists progress.

 I have had a few of the stylists work on my hair during my visits but the one who has changed the way I look at my hair is Kate, this lady is the best hairdresser I have EVER had.  My first appointment with Kate was way back in the summer and it was a very exciting appointment indeed, I was changing the colour of my hair dramatically, from  honey blond to purple! This was a massive risk with a stylist that had never worked on my hair before but she did me proud, I think there was even tears when I was all finished.  Since this initial appointment I have been one of her regulars.

So, down to the important stuff;

1. What colour do you use? Wella Colour Touch 55/65
I'd describe this as a red toned purple, burgundy, wine, plum, whatever you feel like.  I adore the way this colour looks on me, it is so vibrant although it does fade ever so slightly, to some this may be a problem but not for me.  When I have the colour first done its really purple, by week 3 I'd say it goes more red toned, I love the variation of colour and lasts a good 5 weeks before I have my roots retouched

2. What Shampoo and Conditioner do you use? Wella Brilliance range. 
This range is one I had never tried before I visited the salon and the first thing you notice is the smell, they smell so good, not to sweet but enough so it leaves your hair with that 'I've just been to the salon smell'.  So good at explaining, off course.  Using this range leaves my hair moisturised, nourished and easy to style, they don't weigh down the hair at all!

3. Which products are used to create the curly blow dry?  Moroccan Oil, Wella's Perfect Setting Spray and Boost Bounds Mousse
Whilst my hair is still wet from having the colour rinsed the Boost Bounds Mousse is tossed into my hair, this helps to keep the curl for longer and add volume, its light enough so that it doesn't make the hair sticky or heavy.  The setting spray helps protect the hair from heat and creates a smoother finish.  Now you all know how much I love my Macadamia Oil (read my review here) but at Francesco they only use Moroccan Oil.  This isn't a problem for me as I enjoy it too, I just have an attachment to the latter having been using it for over a year now.  This is smoothed through the mid-lengths and ends.

4. What tools are used during your appointment? Hairdryer, Straighteners, Heated Rollers.
When I have my hair done I always have a curly blow dry finish, which is not easy to achieve when your hair is as thick as mine.  Kate starts by blow drying my hair in sections using a large barrel brush, creating the curl while the hair is still wet, leaving the top section.  The top section is teased around heated rollers to add volume and more defined curls.  Once my hair is dry she defines the curls with straighteners just to give a more polished look. 

5. How long does it take from start to finish? 3-4 hours
My hair is very thick and quite long so it will always take a considerable amount of time.  In this time my hair is washed, coloured, rinsed, styled and finished.  It also depends if I just have my hair down or if I have it put into more of a style.

6. How much does it cost? £30.50
This price includes the wash, colour, blow dry and finish, so so cheap!   Kate is a level 3 stylist so her prices are slightly more than the less experienced stylists, but so worth it.


Now that I am in Morocco I won't be visiting Francesco Group Academy for a while which upsets me greatly as I now have to rely on home colour kits, so I'll be letting you know how that goes, I am most unenthusiastic about home colour kits, they scare me.

I hope this has answered any questions you were keen to know, if there is something I have not covered please just leave me a wee comment below.


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