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Im a very proud Scot, so it may come of no surprise that today is a day that always makes me feel extremely homesick, Robert Burns Day.  The birthday of the famous Scottish poet brings back so many memories for me and no matter where I am in the world I try to take part in some kind of celebrations. Only when you live somewhere else do you realise how much you miss somewhere and begin to appriciate it.  Although this year that is near impossible, Morocco is not somewhere that Haggis is readily available. 

In Scotland, Robert Burns Day is normally celebrated by holding a Burns Supper, these are held in schools, social clubs, restaurants and off course at home.   Attending one of these meals is definately a favourite memory of mine.  In the link above it details the normal procedure of the meal, in the short, bagpipes are played, poems are recited, haggis is eaten and off course we wear tartan.

I attended a tiny primary school in the very north of Scotland, traditional scottish days were always celebrated, we were very proud of our scottish heritage.  One year our teachers organised for us to hold our very own Burns Supper in school, apart from being a way to avoid the boring classwork, it was very well executed and enjoyable.  We had a local piper 'pipe the haggis', we all took turns reading out poems and finished with some traditional scottish dancing.  It was very special, so thank you Miss Calder(who is now married but will forever be known as the latter to me) for allowing this memory to be so special.

I suppose the reason I wrote this post was to remind myself and everyone else that the little things that we did as children often play a part in how we live our lives today.  Should it not have been such a big celebration in my school I doubt I would make such an effort to celebrate the day as an adult.  This one in perticular is not a memory but now a tradition.

I'm starting the day with tattie scones and Biffy Clyro , what are you doing?

Cheerio the nou

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