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Almost famous, Penny Lane, Its all Happening

If you have been a long term reader of Button's Blog you will notice that I was not blogging for a while and even though I had no laptop, tablet, anything that I could effectively put a post together on, even if I did have these things I'm not sure I would have written anything.  Looking back I just lacked  inspiration, maybe due to surroundings or the way I was feeling but it wasn't there.  I'm sure every blogger has experienced this at one time.  Thankfully things have changed for the better.

From the moment I landed here in Morocco I have been so inspired.  I don't know if it's because I finally have time to actually think and take in the past few months or that just being in a different country and environment has made a difference, could be a mix of the two really.

The only problem is that my most creative time of the day was when my Mum had gone to bed, the dog is settled for the night and the house is in complete darkness, some nights this could be two in the morning.  It was actually becoming an issue because when you end up staying awake until seven writing and writing and writing,  you also end up suffering the whole of the next day with extreme tiredness.  You will note that I used the word was, because I have worked out a way to switch it around and be in the same inspired state at nine in the morning.

I realised that I was able to listen to my thoughts more clearly when I had no distractions.  For most people the only time of the day they can really concentrate with no distractions is when they are in bed at night when all the 'jobs' are finished.  So now when I have a day where I can stay in and concentrate on my blog I close my bedroom door, turn the light off and just listen to my thoughts and recreate the feeling of when I was most inspired.

Now that I have mastered being able to close everything else off and just concentrate on what I'm thinking I can find inspiration anywhere, in a coffee shop, at the beach, in the hairdressers,

Inspiration cannot be forced, it comes naturally in the right circumstances.

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