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Giving myself time to relax and enjoy pampering is something I always make time for, in my eyes a pamper session without a face mask wouldn't be idulgent enough, therefor every sunday evening there I will be with some kind of mask smeared all over my skin.

Lush is famous for having the freshest facemasks in the world, in most Lush stores the delicious looking fresh table always has pride of place and is one of their most eye catching displays.This fresh table is home to all of the Facemasks.
Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Lush Face Mask  Shop Display
Even before working for Lush the  facemasks were something I always purchased and loved using, since working for the company it has allowed me to learn which ones best suited to my skin and which gave me the best results. I have started using my facemasks in conjunction with two other products which I feel has boosted the results from each application and the overall pampering experience. I want to share with you over the next few weeks what these products are and why I love them.

After cleansing with my Elemis Pro-Collagen Balm I follow the step below.

Tea Tree Toner Tab

In the picture above you can see the Tea Tree Toner Tab is one of the naked products meaning it has no packaging and being a tablet, which is a similar texture to one you would use for laundry,  I like to store two or three in one of the shampoo bar tins.  This keeps them safe, preventing breaking or crumbling.

After cleansing my face I fill a bowl with warm (not boiling) water and pop the whole Tea Tree Toner Tab in and it begins to fizz away. While it is fizzing the very subtle scent of tea tree fills the air which I love as it smells so refreshing and clean.  I then bow my head over the warm tea tree infused water and cover my head with a towel.  I try to do this for as long as I feel comfortable, normally I last about ten or fifeteen minutes which is more than enough time for the steam to open my pores and gently cleanse.  The tea tree oil vapours sink into your skin in a concentrated way that is antibacterial but not harsh on the skin, so won't spoil my skins natural defences.

Once the water is cool enough to touch I like to sink my flannel in and squeeze away any excess water and wipe over my skin, this is just a very gentle second cleanse removing any left over cleanser or dirt. Something I don't do myself is store the toner water after use as I already have the Tea Tree Toner Water but to get the most from your Tea Tree Toner Tab you can decant into a spray bottle and if stored in the fridge it can be used as your daily toner for up to a week.

Using the Tea Tree Toner Tab before applying my chosen facemask helps to calm any redness in my skin and stops my skin from feeling tight, this makes my skin feel deeply cleansed and hydrated.

Tea tree oil is great for oily and spot prone skin like mine and helps to balance the most oily areas so using this once a week has helped balance my t-zone area and prevent breakouts.

Look out for the next step in my facemask routine next week!

lots of love

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