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I have felt the need to write this post today due to the sheer dissapointment in certain member of a boyband I have had a lot of respect for and enjoyed listening to since the beginning.

This band is One Direction and the member in question is Liam Payne, you know the slightly moody one from Wolverhampton.

Basically Liam tweeted (the tweet that has now been deleted) something that Tyler Oakley(famous You Tuber incase you don't know) was a little hurt and dissapointed to see and tweeted Liam to make sure that his dissapointment was recognised.  Recognised it was and Liam responded in a way that I feel was innapropriate and unprofessional as a member of a boyband with so many young fans. 

When this happened yesterday morning I was slightly annoyed that one of One Directions biggest supporters had been accused of not being a fan purely for having an opinion.  I do not agree with either parties in the twitter spat as when it comes down to it, it is none of anyones personal business what anyone tweets BUT Tyler was just showing a personal reaction, I completely support Tyler's decision to tweet.  Liam has to be aware that he is a massive role model to many young fans and his opinions are regarded as gospel in some fans eyes.

 What has saddened me the most is the way the 'directioners', one of the most dedicated if not crazy fandoms out there, (not sure what a fandom is, Miss Charl explains it in the most upbeat way possible ) have reacted.  I logged onto twitter early yesterday afternoon to see the hashtag #cutforliam trending.  WHAT! Lets take a moment to appriciate the serverety of that hashtag.  There are fans out there self harming to show support for Liam, this to me is just outragous, what has the world come to!  A missunderstanding between two people that the fans more than likely do not know personally have affected them so deeply that they feel the need to support by cutting themselves, I can't even.  Self harming is not something to be taken lightly or publicized in such a way.  To me it looks like promoting something so taboo has become OK, which is not acceptable.

Further more one of the nicest guys on You Tube has been forced to take a break from the internet, on which he has quite a high profile, due to death threats from One Direction fanatics.   It seems to have become a tradition as such that if anyone dare hurt the feelings of someone high profile on twitter that it is the duty of their fans to send death threats and unkind words to the said person, this again is absolutely rediculous.
Numerous tweets later , Liam finally realised that he might get in a bit of trouble for 'cussing' but condoned that it was not uncalled for as there were much more important issues happening in the world.  If this was the case why make such a big deal about it in the first place, surely he should know by now that everything he does is instantly shoved down our (the public) faces.
One thing that I would love to know is the other band members opinions, oh to be a fly on the wall.

One Direction Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson

Well used expressions on my face throughout this whole hugely important world event.
*Disclaimer*  Please take some comments within this post with a pinch of sarcasm.  I wrote this post as a way to vent out frustrations caused by such niavety.  I do not wish to offend, discriminate or hurt anyones feelings and would never intentionally cause upset to anyone.  Also I am a massive One Direction fan I think their music is uplifting, relateable and catchy but defnately not a fan of the attitude of this specific band member.

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