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Hello Hunnis!

Last Friday a few of us lucky Birmingham Bloggers were invited to the Exclusive Pre Launch of the brand new box palette The Rich is Back, a collaboration with Matthew Williamson and an exclusive to Debenhams.  We all had such a good evening and really enjoyed ourselves exploring the palette with the help of three fabulous Benebabes.

Normally the Benefit box palettes do not interest me as much as the single products as nine times out of ten I only like a couple of the items and would rather just buy them singularly but this time it was a different story.  As it is limited edition the products included are not available to buy as singles(except They're Real)

Included in the palette is Feel So Teal, Disco Dust, Solid Gold, Get Down Brown all beautiful eye shadows.  Gimme Fever Cheek Powder, Inferno Lip gloss and a mini They're Real Mascara.  I love the names of all the products too, all helping transport us back to the days of disco with the rich shades inspired by Matthew Williamson's love of eye catching prints. 

Benefit and Matthew Williamson The Rich Is Back LaunchBenefit and Matthew Williamson The Rich Is Back Launch

 This palette is so versatile and different to anything I have seen from Benefit before.  The eyeshadow in Feel So Teal and Blush in Gimme Fever really jumped out to me because they are so different to what Benefit usually release, being full of colour and glitter.  This palette is really eye catching and perfect for so many different looks as the lovely Emma and Sian demonstrated on us lucky ladies.

Benefit Cosmetics Birmingham Debenhams Bloggers Event

 The lovely Emma used every single item from the box set on my face, ambitious I know, but it just works so well together.  I cant get over the pigmentation of the shadows they are really something else, the shimmer is subtle enough to be used in the day but can be built up for a bolder effect like Emma created on my eyes.  This palette has inspired me to be more creative with eyeshadow and move away from just sticking to my safe colours and experiement with colour because even just the hint of colour from the teal shadow it really made my eyes stand out and appear greener.  I love that so many different looks can be created from just one palette.  We all had a completely different look created from the palette which is amazing because it was the same colours just used in different ways.

Benefit Cosmetics Birmingham Debenhams Bloggers Event
Emma from Not your Average

Benefit Cosmetics Birmingham Debenhams Bloggers Event
Amy from PYT

There was also a little competition on the night for one of us to win The Rich is Back and I was delighted that the lovely Amy was chosen as the winner, I really hope you enjoy using it Amy! She looks so beautiful in this picture. (taken by Sara from Pretty in Pink )

Benefit Cosmetics Birmingham Debenhams Bloggers Event
Wendy (The amazing lady who made the event happen), Amy and Benebabe Emma

Benefit Cosmetics Birmingham Debenhams Bloggers Event
L-R Emma from Not your Average , Claire from ClaireVonTrapp and Amy from PYT , Jess from Copper Garden and Carmen from Maiden of Wood

Benefit Cosmetics Birmingham Debenhams Bloggers Event
 It was so lovely to see everyone again and get to explore a fabulous new product from one of my favourite brands, fingers crossed this is the start of some great things to come from Benefit for Bloggers in Birmingham.



all pictures were taken by Amy from PYT. My camera is still at the camera fixing shop *cry*

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