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Hello Everyone, 

I seem to talk about work quite a lot these days (nothing but enjoyment I promise) so I thought I could let you see one of my typical work outfits.  In Lush I don't have a uniform as such but I am asked to wear black and white.  I can wear what make up I like, the jewellery I fancy and my hair the way I choose to help jazz up the formal colour scheme.

At the moment I am wearing a lot of dresses, I have found a shape of dress I feel comfortable in and feel that it flatters my figure, making me feel confident every time I wear one.  The skater style is my go to style of dress and I can see it being that way for a long time.  The cut of this style just seems to just skim over any lumps or bumps I prefer to keep covered and also is tighter at the waist which helps to take the focus away from my tummy and give my chest a boost. 

 Dress - Primark £13.00
Tights - Primark £2.00

Primark Black Skater Dress, Clarks Desert Boot
 This dress is one of my new found favourites.  I like how easy it is just to slip on in the morning it sits at the perfect length and can be dressed up or down.  For work I keep this quite simple with just tights and boots and maybe a cardigan but I often have to go somewhere straight from work so remove the boots add some wedges and a nice blazer or leather jacket.  I like  the lace detailing on the capped sleeves, back and the sides as it adds a bit of interest and a sexy feminine twist on what would be a standard black dress.

Primark Black Skater Dress

This dress is so versatile when it comes to choosing footwear as pretty much anything goes.  I have styled this with pumps, sandals and boots.  This day in particular I wore my Clark's Desert Boots.  As I am on my feet sometimes for more than 12 hours a day with a 1 hour commute each way I need shoes that can offer my legs and feet support.  These boots are perfect for my long days on my feet, giving them the support they need to ensure my feet are not aching by the end of the day.

I am a firm believer in that if you wear a £4 pair of shoes and expect your feet to be fine and not achy by the end of the day, you need to wake up.
These on the other hand are quality 'good for your feet' boots.  As soon as my feet were in them the comfort was second to none and it hasn't changed after wearing these a few times, I still enjoy the comfort all day long.

I put the comfort down to the sole.  The signature crepe sole of the Desert Boot, one of nature's great shock absorbers and water repellents, makes these boots what they are.  Crepe's made from latex tapped from the para rubber tree, mixed, mashed and dried before being rolled into sheets.  The only way I can describe how this feels is sustainable spongy rubber.  I know I'm amazing at describing right....
These just feel so supportive, but light so you don't feel like you have two lumps of led attached to your feet which I have felt with boots similar to these.

 These black suede boots are simple but make a statement being a classic style that is so off the moment, Always have been, Always will be.
Clarks Original Desert Boot

Clarks Original Desert Boot

Did you like this outfit?

lots of love


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