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Hi Hunnis!

I am so glad to be back after what seems like the busiest few weeks of my life.  I think its been nearly three weeks since I got the chance to sit down and spend some quality time with my computer and I have genuinely really missed it.  The reason for my little spell away was a mixture of a few things.  My camera has broken and been sent off to be repaired so any new products I have bought and received lately are patiently waiting to be photographed, I say patiently, its killing me not to use them.  Also Ill use this little sentence to apologise for the quality of these pictures but its all I can manage at the moment. If my camera breaking wasn't bad enough my laptop has now given up and gone to laptop heaven so at the moment I am using the family desktop computer, which unfortunately isn't as convenient for me as I often used to write posts on the train to work.  I have also been extremely busy with work, my contract has been increased at Lush so I am now no longer a part time worker but full time between two jobs working 40 hours a week, this has been a big change in my life and I now find myself with very little free time.
I hope that explains why I had a little break and I hope you didn't miss me too much but I have now managed to get into some kind of routine with life, work and blogging so this makes me very happy.
I have so much news and couldn't wait to tell you all.  First exciting piece of news is I got an I phone, eventually after having a blackberry for years.  I love it and don't know how I coped with a Blackberry for so long.  It makes emailing and using social media sites so much quicker and easier, high five to Apple.
As soon as I got my I Phone I signed up to Instagram and its just the best thing ever!  I post everything on there from the make up I'm using each day to what I had for dinner.
Id love it if you could follow me 

You all know how much I love my brows but also know what an effort I find it each day to make them look nice, well the effort is no more.  I have had the amazing Benefit Brows Treatment and now have beautiful brows all the time with minimal effort.  I will be writing a separate post  to go into more detail about what is included in the treatment as it was just fabulous.

On Wednesday last week I went for coffee with two lovely ladies from the Elemis Press Team, which was such a lovely way to spend my afternoon.  They introduced me to the new product launches which are all AMAZING and I genuinly cannot wait to share them with you.  It was so great to speak to the lovely ladies I have been in touch with through email for so long, face to face.
Also last Wednesday I went to the Shopping Event in L'Occitane in collaboration with Glossy Box, this was fabulous as I do not know much about this French brand and love discovering new products to fall in love with, the L'Occitane hand cream is now my favourite.  It was great to see some bloggers who unfortunately I don't get to see very often. 

 I have also re subscribed to Glossy Box after cancelling last year.  I started my subsription again as the boxes recently have been fabulous and when I receieved my box in May I was delighted with the contents.

One last very exciting piece of news for you is Lush related, if you already follow @lushbirmingham on twitter you will know, but if not I decided to let you know on here.
At work Jen, John and myself have launched a Lush Birmingham Blog!  We will all be writing on the blog and from now on any Lush related product reviews I write will be over on the Lush blog.
I will be creating a separate page with more information about the Lush Birmingham Blog but its going to be phenominal so keep your eyes peeled.  I would appriciate it so so much if you could follow us  and show us some support.

I think thats everything I couldn't wait to tell you, if you made it to the end thank you so much.

lots of love


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