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Hey Everyone,

Before entering the world of beauty blogging I had a few brushes but not a massive collection, maybe one eye brush and a powder brush which I used for bronzer and blush, I never washed these but just replaced them when they looked a bit grubby.  Truthfully I didn't know you could wash them and must have thrown out so many brushes that were in fact still ok to use.

Now my collection of make up brushes is massive in comparison and a collection I am proud of.  I feel that having the correct tools to apply make up ensures a more even and flawless finish and less wastage of product.

With a larger collection of brushes the cleaning routine has become somewhat a chore.  I quick clean my brushes after each use by spraying some baby shampoo and water I have mixed in a spray bottle onto a dry sponge and running my brushes back and forth a few times.  As this is a very quick clean I then deep clean my brushes once a week to ensure no bacteria,dirt or dust is collected over a long period of time.  I find that this routine keeps my brushes in good condition making them last longer.

The one thing I have become aware of through beauty blogging is that there is a whole world of cleansers for brushes and I have been trying out a few recently but the one that has impressed me the most is the one I will be reviewing today. 

Koren Zander Pro Brush Soap
First off this brush soap comes in a very handy flip case making it easy to store and for travel, this is a great plus point for me as I hate having things lying around my bathroom, I love that as soon as I have used this I can pop it back in its container and put it away.
As you can see this is different than most brush cleansers as it is solid just like a hand or body soap with a loofah on one side to help remove more stubborn make up from your brushes.  I have found that with liquid cleansers I dispense to much each time and end up wasting a lot of product, this is impossible with this soap as being solid your brush only picks up exactly how much you need each time.

This soap is so easy to use and has cut down my brush cleaning time dramatically.  All I do is run the bristles of my brush under warm water and massage the bristles on the smooth side of the soap to create a lather, it doesn't take much time at all to create a generous soapy foam. I then run the bristles over the loofah side to remove more stubborn make up, mostly cream products.  I finish by rinsing the brush thoroughly and placing on a dry towel to air dry.   I feel that the product rinses out much easier than the liquid brush cleansers I have tried again saving time.   That is it, the whole washing process.  I have found it so much quicker and easier than using a liquid soap, making brush cleaning less of a chore.  

I choose the scent tangerine being a lover of fresh citrus based scents this was the first scent that caught my eye but with so many other scents being available I am desperate to try more when this one is finished.

 The main ingredient that stands out to me in this soap is Argan oil which I love to use on my hair and body due to its super moisturising properties so to find a product that contains this magical ingredient for my brushes is fabulous, it feels like I am treating my brushes with a luxury product.

I am really enjoying using this soap and after a few uses it still looks barely touched so I can see it lasting a good while longer, making my purse strings happy because I won't have to repurchase for a good couple of months.

So now I have talked about how I clean my brushes would anyone be interested in a post detailing my collection?

Lots of love



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