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Hi Everyone!

Hairspray is an essential in my hair care routine, I know it isn't particularly good for your hair but in moderation it is great to create and hold styles in place.Until I discovered this product I had been using whatever aerosol hairspray that was on offer in Boots, normally Tresemme but since discovering this beauty I would find it hard to go back to any old aerosol hairspray.

The Neal & Wolf  hair care range is made up of ten must have products.  All made with only the best ingredients available, this is a range with years of experience behind it. It is simple, straightforward and speaks for itself.  I look forward to this range evolving and expanding.
Neal & Wolf - Hold & Shine Spray

The packaging for the whole Neal and Wolf range is just lovely.  It looks glamorous and luxurious even from the outside, I am proud to have this on my dressing table. No fancy packaging needed,  Neal and Wolf have let the products do the talking.  I love minimalistic pretty packaging.

The scent for the whole range has been created by the people behind some of the world's finest scents. This reminds me of  Givenchy Ange Ou Demon which at one point was my Mum's perfume of choice, so this to me is a scent of a thousand memories.  It is like perfume for your hair and is consistent throughout the whole range.  I always get compliments when wearing this, and often get asked what perfume Im wearing, I love the surprised look when I tell them its actually my hair spray.

The thing about hairspray that I really cant stand is when you see people with so much on their hair looks wet and smells so strongly of alcohol and with a flicker of a flame could go up in a second.  This hairspray does not give that look, you need so little product to keep an all day long hold that it would be impossible.  It gives the right amount of hold with a natural shine that makes your hair look so healthy.

I have been using this since January for up do's, straight styles, curly styles any style I have done with my hair I have used this to fix it in place and add a glossy shine.  Im looking forward to trying the Shine Spray and Harmony Intensive Conditioning Treatment so look out for future reviews on the range.

I also like that this is not an aerosol can as these are damaging to the environment, so good for your hair and good for the environment!

Lots of Love



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