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Hi Hunnis!

This is a review I never thought I would do, false lashes are not my strong point or something I wear often due to the tricky application but after the She Said Beauty event when I had the chance to have my first set of Millie Mackintosh Lashes applied by the lovely Steve (you can read about this experience here)  my application skills have improved a lot and I enjoy using these so much.

Millie Mackintosh has shot to fame from her role in reality TV show Made in Chelsea and dating musician Professor Green but there is a lot more to Millie than meets the eye.  Millie is a make up artist and has a very healthy passion for beauty and fashion, she is always in the press looking flawlessly beautiful and in the most well put together outfits.  With her obsession with make up she has launched her own range of lashes in collaboration with Nouveau Beauty.

The range is made up of eight different styles with one sure to suit everyone's personal style. All named after different places in London, this is a little extra touch that impressed me, it made them more personal to Millie and with them not having a number and a name they are easier to remember so you can repurchase.

Millie Mackintosh Made in Chelsea Star Lashes for Nouveau Beauty
These lashes are without a doubt the best quality lashes I have ever come across. One packet consists of one set of your chosen lashes, tweezers, adhesive and instruction booklet.  The fact that tweezers are included in each pack is a huge plus for me as im always loosing my tweezers. The lashes themselves are made from 100% natural hair which is such high quality the lashes can be reused up to five times, if you take care of them.  The adhesive included in the pack is latex free and really gentle on the skin but is really effective and make sure my lashes stay on for around eight hours without lifting at the edges

I chose the style Shoreditch as they were the fullest, thickest and longest lashes.  I have used these four  times now and honestly think I can get at least another couple of applications out of them.  I take care of them by removing any leftover glue after I remove the lashes and store them in the box they come with.  They are untraceable once applied and are so comfortable to wear.  

I used to shy away from applying false lashes but since finding these and practicing my application skills I now feel like I need these for when I want my eyes to be a focus of my make up, they completely change the look of your make up and instantly make me feel more glamorous. 

Millie Mackintosh Made in Chelsea Star Lashes for Nouveau Beauty

Do you love lashes, which brand can you not live without?


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