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Hey Everyone!

I am ashamed to admit that I am a nail biter, its a disgusting habit and one I have struggled with all my life, I long for pretty but practical nails.

Last year I dabbled in acrylic and gel nails but due to my work they were forever getting ruined or damaging my natural nail underneath every time I knocked my finger, so I turned to false glue on nails for my days off that were long lasting and easy to remove.  I love the glue on nails but they do leave your natural nails in a bit of a peeling mess when you remove them.  So nails that require no glue and claim to last up to a week sound like my perfect product.

Broadway Impress Nails in Style TGIF

When the Impress range was first released I was not one of those girls rushing out to purchase them as I couldn't understand how they can last up to a week with no glue involved so forgot about them until recently I had the chance to try them so was excited to see how they work and how long they last.

Each pack contains 24 nails in different sizes ensuring you can get the best fit for each nail.  I can get two full sets from each pack just having to file the nails down slightly at the edges for the second set. The set I tried were the pretty floral design which I believe is called TGIF, I love this design its so girly and detailed.  All the designs in this range are great, I like the neon pink, french manicure and leopard print.  The length is perfect for me as I don't like massive claw like nails and feel that this length is really natural.

The application is quite straight forward.  There is a sticky tab on the back of the nails which is revealed by removing a plastic cover, removing this cover was the most tricky and irritating process.  As I have no nails at all I couldn't remove it with my fingers so resorted to using tweezers, which sounds easy but the tweezers kept ripping the plastic tab and then the sticky side would stick to the tweezers, in short it took longer to remove these than I would like and lots of pinging nails all over my room.  To make them stick to the nail you just place them on your natural nail and rub over to create a bond between the sticky tab and your natural nail.  Within about 10-15 minutes I had a full set of pretty and practical well manicured nails.

Broadway Impress Nails in Style TGIF

 They look gorgeous but unfortunately didn't feel very secure and felt that they could ping of at any minute and I was interested to see how long they would last. 

 I applied these just before I left for work at around 10.00am, I walked to town not using my hands at all, purchased my tickets at the train station at about 10.35am and this is where I had my first casualty.  As I entered my pin into the chip and pin machine one of these nails just pinged of and fell to the floor.  So in less than an hour I was one nail down. During my 25 minute train journey in which I made a phone call and ate some crisps I lost another three nails.  This was so disheartening I had lost four nails within the space of an hour and after the effort I put into applying them I would have expected them to last a day at least, but unfortunately four hours after applying they had all loosened and fallen off.

Im not sure if my natural nails have anything to do with them not lasting as my nails are extremely short so there is a small nail bed for them to stick to, even then I would expect them to last more than four hours.

My initial thoughts about these being difficult to last long as they do not require glue were correct, they do not last a day never mind the 'up to a week' claim on the packaging.  As I love the designs so much I might try another set but apply using my usual nail glue to see if they last longer.

Have you tried these nails, were they effective for you?



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