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9:20:00 pm

Hi Everyone!

Im sure to all my local blogging babes that this post will be a very exciting one!  Sorry to anyone that is not from Birmingham or surrounding areas but this is something we have been hoping for, for a long time.

It has now been confirmed that us Birmingham Bloggers will have the chance to attend an exclusive Benefit Cosmetics Event! 

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To date we have missed out on exclusive product launch events from Benefit but thankfully this is about to change thanks to the amazing Wendy (SDM for Benefit Cosmetics).  This lovely lady is very keen to have us bloggers a lot more involved which is very very exciting news for us.

I met briefly with Wendy today and decided to do this post.  The aim from this post is to get a rough number of bloggers who are passionate about Benefit and would love to attend this event and should all go well with this one, future events.  

So to make sure your interest is noted I would really appreciate if you could leave the following information in a comment below.  I will then pass this information onto Wendy so plans can be put in place. This will confirm you are updated with any further information


Twitter Handle

Blog URL

Email Address 

I would love for as many people as possible to know about this opportunity so please spread the word to all your Birmingham Blogger babes!

Have a Fabulous Friday night!


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