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Hi Hunnis!

I love baths but a normal (no bubbles or bomb) bath is something that I just cant stand.  If I am having a bath I want it to be relaxing, exciting and an overall lovely experience.  I spice up my baths with bubbles, melts and bath bombs most recently I have been trying out all the different bath time products Lush have to offer and will be sharing them with you over the coming weeks.

Space Girl Bath Ballistic

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Space Girl Bath Ballistic

Space Girl is shaped as you can see above like a planet, this was created after Simon Emmerson's (from The Imagined Village and lush music maker) daughter was listening to his latest offering and there was a track called Space Girl she thought it would be great to have a Lush product to match the song and at Lush they thought this would be a great idea and so Space Girl was born.

This is a sweet scented Bath Ballistic which turns the water purple with swirls of red and gold glitter while the scent  retro sweet parma violets fills the room.  Space Girl also has a hidden treat so once you have run your bath pop your ballistic in the water and plunge your head underwater to hear the 'space dust' snap crackle and pop, space dust is known also as popping candy.

This ballistic's special ingredient, grapefruit oil is useful for more than fighting cellulite it  lifts your mood and revives the mind  whilst clearing up congested skin and acne.  It is also great when you have cold, flu or headaches, lack of energy and tiredness.  With almond oil and bergamot oil which are both really good moisturising ingredients this will leave you with super soft skin.

So aswell as it looking really pretty in the water and smelling amazing it is also good for the body and mind.

Have you tried this yet?


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