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A 24k Gold under eye mask to me screams luxury pampering and that is exactly what Jamela Skincare have intended with their 24 karat Gold range.  This range includes masks for the face, neck, under eye, breasts, lips and  full eye.  I have been using the 24k Gold Under Eye Masks recently and thoroughly enjoy the experience every time.

The combination Gold and natural plant collagen contain healing properties and is easily absorbed by the skin.  Gold facial treatments use mineral gold, which tightens the skin and facilitates the removal of toxins.  The treatment will instantly brighten the complexion, moisturise and nourish the skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance. - Jamela Skincare

Jamela 24k Gold Under Eye Masks

The individual masks are packaged in a sealed foil package with distilled water to keep them moist.  On removing them from the pack they are moist and are a thin jelly like texture.  

I normally apply these first to my under eye and instantly enjoy the cooling sensation for a few moments before following with an all over face mask and try to leave these on for as long as I can, I wait until all the moisture is gone from the under eye masks before I remove them so that all the goodness has been sucked up by my skin.  You know when the moisture has gone as the masks turn from jelly to thin dried up slithers.

Jamela 24k Gold Under Eye Masks

Once removed the skin under my eye feels tighter, more moisturised and looks brighter.  I have noticed a massive difference in my dark circles and daily puffiness having been using these weekly for about 8 weeks.  I love these as my under eye area is one of the things I dread looking bad when im older, so knowing these are doing that extra bit of goodness is a delight.  Once my supply has run out I will definitely be repurchasing these as they make such a difference to my delicate under eye area and for just over £2 a pair they are a bargain!

In the picture below I am wearing my masks along with the Glam Glow Youth Mud Mask which I reviewed recently here.  I was in Scotland at the time and my Auntie Nead had to get involved with my little pampering session, she loved the all over eye masks too!

Jamela 24k Gold Under Eye Masks

I can't wait to try some more of the range, have you tried any?



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