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I don't know about you girls (and guys) but finding a concealer to hydrate and improve the appearance of dark circles is not an easy task.  I have tried numerous different brands and formulas and still have the problem of settling and creasing throughout the day.  Does a non creasing concealer exist   

Yes, yes it does!

Benefit Fake Up Crease Control Hydrating Concealer

Benefit Fake Up Concealer 01 Light

In my opinion Benefit have really excelled in this most recent product launch providing a fabulous product in practical packaging.  This little tube looks good enough to sit on your dressing table and is sturdy enough to throw in your handbag for daytime touch ups(although you shouldn't need them).  Being in the shape of a lipstick this makes application easy and makes sure there is no product wasted.

The product inside this little tube is just fabulous!  The light diffusing and skin smoothing concealer is surrounded by a hydrating circle of goodness packed full of vitamin E and apple seed extract.  This duo make this the perfect cover up for my dark circles and the tiny fine lines that I can see appearing.  

When I first tried this out I was worried the hydrating layer would make the product too greasy and it would just slide off the delicate under eye area, to my delight, because the formula is so light this just makes the concealer blend nicely to a natural looking full coverage.

I apply this after using my Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer by applying one simple stroke under my eye and using my ring finger I pat to blend, shade 01 (light) is the perfect shade for my pale skin, I then continue to apply my foundation.  I did apply this after my foundation one day and I did not get the same flawless effect, so I would recommend applying before foundation.

I can see this being my go to concealer for a long time to come and have been looking  at getting Shade 03 (deep) to use as a cream contour, has anyone else tried contouring with the darker shade? Id love to know your thoughts.

Lots of Love


*(edit 17/01/14 ) When I used this in the beginning, I'd say for the first month it did not crease once I had applied, but after this unfortunately it did begin to crease slightly. This could have been that I changed the primer I was using to Benefit's Porefessional and it didn't work as well with the more silicone based product. If it was due to the swap in primer I am slighly miffed as the two products are from the same brand and claim to work very well together, unfortunately my experiences they do not.


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