Fashion - Screaming at Your Overflowing Wardrobe, I Have Nothing to Wear*

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Hi Hunnis,

Now fashion based posts are something I haven't done for a couple of months, I think the last one was New Years Eve.  The only explanation for this is, I haven't been buying a lot of exciting new clothes.  Beauty products or travelling seems to be where all my dollar is going these days but...this is about to change.

Next Monday I will be attending an exclusive She Said Beauty event in London, this is the evening part of the #LDNBBMEET, something that without a doubt calls for a new outfit. The only thing I am having trouble with is, this outfit needs to be suitable for daytime but by adding accessories or maybe a change of shoes can be made perfectly acceptable for the evening event. I have been looking for some inspiration of what kind of outfit I want to put together and have come up with an idea to concentrate on when I get chance to have a browse in the high street shops.

The outfit idea above is exactly the kind of look i'm going for, perfect for evening but can be easily dressed down for the daytime.  To dress this down I would add an oversized handbag, scarf and cardigan but the focus would still be on the printed trousers. I am loving printed trousers at the moment as they can make a very simple outfit stand out and be different. The leather band at the top of these will be perfect with the  white shirt tucked in drawing attention to my waist, this will create a focus point away from my tummy, an area I would prefer to hide. By adding the statement necklace I will be adding detail to my neck area again taking the focus away from those areas I would like to disguise.
An outfit like this would suit my body shape and make me feel more confident always a winner when meeting new people. 

What trends are your favourite at the moment?

Lots of Love 



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