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7:52:00 pm

Good Evening lovlies!

I have just got home from my first ever shift at Lush, and wowie was it the bestest four hours ever.  At first I was really nervous but as soon as I was on the shop floor I was fine, I felt completely comfortable and like I was meant to be there.  Every single member of staff were so helpful and friendly it made me feel so welcome and part of the team.  I learned loads about the different products and love that I will be learning more and more every single day because there is no way I could learn it all in a day.  

I love that I have discovered and love so many products I didn't know a lot about before and hopefully my excitement and enthusiasm shines through to the customers because I am genuinely thrilled to be working there.  From discovering all of these new fantastic products look out for lots of Lush reviews.

I am most excited to learn more about the cosmetics range Emotional Brilliance, from what I have seen today   the whole range is fantastic and I have really enjoyed wearing 'decisive' as a lip colour today.  I will be going to an event tomorrow in Redditch to learn more about this range and meet the amazing Karla Powell, Make Up Artist, so expect a post in the near future about that.

I was so lucky to be given a few products today to try out, so I can tell the customers what they are really like and use my personal experience as guidance. 
I choose Ultrabland Cleanser, Love Lettuce Face Mask, Twilight Bath Ballistic, Buffy Body Butter, Its Raining Men Shower Gel and Imperialis Moisturiser.  I was also given Honey I washed the Kids Soap and The Easter Egg Hunt Soap.  I aim to switch all my skincare over to Lush products over the next couple of months so i'm excited to try out the cleanser and moisturiser the most.

Tonight I will be enjoying a bath with twilight to unwind and relax ready for my extra busy weekend.

Hope you all have a lovely evening whatever you may be doing 

Lots of Love



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