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Ohh hell where has this product been all my life, honestly I have never been so pleasantly surprised by a hyped up product before, I am a macadamia convert and proud.

I have used Moroccan oil, pure argan oil from Morocco and various high street alternatives but none of these have blown me away like this little bottle.  

I only started using oils on my hair at the beginning of last year, just before I started blogging in fact,  when I started blogging I seen a massive buzz around oils and was really keen to try some new ones from brands I had never come across before.  I didn't try any of the Macadamia range until later last year and this is when I truly realised the benefits to my hair and my hair condition changed forever.

I apply this every single time I have washed my hair, its part of my routine now and I would never forget.  I have been using the same bottle since December and have just ran out, Thats 10ml every 3-4 months, such amazing value for money.  I towel dry and work through the ends and mid lengths of my hair and blow dry.
It now takes me half the time to blow dry my hair because of the amazing benefits of this oil.  The drying time is reduced due the water from your hair and the oil separating.  As the oil is absorbed by the hair it pushes the water trapped under the hair cuticle out allowing it to dry faster, the heat from the hair dryer enhances penetration further.  Less time with heat on your hair is never a bad thing.  Also
 because the oil is not thick or heavy it does not leave my hair greasy or clogged with and oily residue.  It smells gorgeous, not too strong but enough to notice.

Within the first week of using the Healing Oil Treatment I noticed a dramatic difference to the condition of my hair it was shinier, more manageable and had noticeably less split ends. I have found that my hair needs trims less regularly since adding this into my everyday hair care routine, which is making it easier to grow my hair.  I was an addict after the first week and have now been using this for around four months and it is just part of my life now. I really would panic if this ran out, I will always repurchase, and do not feel the need to find anything better, this is it for me.

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment has changed my life and I cannot wait to try more from the range.

Lots of love




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