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This mask has been reviewed so much and I have really enjoyed reading these very mixed reviews but I also wanted to put my thoughts and opinion out there too.  Since receiving this in the Bloggers Xmas and Birmingham Blogger Meet Up goodie bags I have used this about four times now so I have tested it well and  I feel I can give you all a well rounded honest review.  

Glam Glow Youth Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment - £49.99 for 50ml 

These sachet samples have only 5ml of product enclosed which on the scale of things is a tiny amount, but this is just the first reason Glam Glow is great, that is all you need to cover your whole face, yes even a round face like mine.  The only thing is if I designed the packaging and wording on this product I would have missed out the multiple use of the word 'sexy'.  Describing a product to improve my skin as sexy is not what im looking for really, I want my skin to be clear and beautiful not sexy.  Sexy is lingerie, silk bed sheets and red glossy lips not a  face mask that makes me look like the hulk. 

The mixture is quite runny for a clay mask but this helps with even application and quick drying.  I like the bits of green tea leaf running through the mask even if it does make my face look like I have warts when I have applied the mask. This smells really fresh and earthy and I like this as overly fragranced facial products always worry me as I wonder what is in them to make them smell like that and how it will react with my face.

'Ten minute facial used backstage in Hollywood's entertainment, music, fashion and award industries'

I leave this on for about 10-15 minutes and unlike many reviews I have seen I do not get a tingly feeling that is uncomfortable, once it has all dried up I begin to remove it,  this is when my favourite feature of the mask unveils itself.  I slightly wet my face with lukewarm water and turn the mask into an exfoliating facial wash and lightly scrub my face with the paste like mixture before rinsing completely.

Glam Glow claims to leave skin noticeably radiant, glowing, smoother, brighter and softer which it does but this only lasts for about three days, which is not long enough in my eyes, I want these results for at least a week before I feel the need to apply another mask.  It does provide me with tighter skin and less visible pores and these results last slightly longer before I start to notice the difference, so this product does do what it says it will but not for a prolonged time period.  This is fitting to the product as it is used a quick fix and quick boost before big events or appearances. 

This is a lovely mask to use, I do love the quick effective results I can achieve after using Glam Glow but I will stick to using this as a quick fix before special occasions rather than a staple in my skincare routine.  

Have you tried any of the Glam Glow range?



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