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Hi Everyone, 

Im now back in my normal routine of blogging since my little break in Scotland, I have been back for about five days now but these must have been the most busy five days this year hence the lack of posts.

In my family since I was a child Easter has been such a magical time and no matter how old we all get I think its important to keep that magic alive, so we did just that.

The day before easter myself, Adam, my auntie and my little cousin all attended an easter fun day organised by the local community in the woods. It was so well organised with egg hunts, egg painting competitions and lots of chocolate goodies.  We all painted an egg for the competition just to get involved, as there were children younger than 5 entering we thought we would never win so entered for the fun of it.  The sheer embarrassment was clear to see on my face when I was announced as the winner!  I quickly went red and pushed my little cousin (who is 11)  to collect the prize.  I may like to win things but winning ahead of a bunch of toddlers was more than embarrassing.

Easter Sunday was just perfect, we all woke up to eggs hidden in the house, in the garden, easter decorations.  After a quick cup of tea we made out way outside to find all the eggs, this lead to a breakfast of chocolate and a lazy day indulging in my Lush Easter bathtime treats.  I made a huge roast dinner for seven of us, it was just amazing to have so many special people in my life together in the same room.

 It is also tradition in my family to paint and decorate boiled eggs on Easter Sunday, in recent years my auntie has been posting photos of all the eggs on facebook for all of our friends and family not with us to vote for their favourite.  I made an elephant and adam made the penguin and the football, I love the penguin he is so cute and adam showed a new level of concentration while painting this, so funny.

 Do you have any Easter traditions?

Lots of Love 



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