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A whole year has gone by and you lot are still reading my rambles, that is so amazing and I am flattered!

Thank you so much for sticking with me through the last year and I hope you have enjoyed watching my little corner of the internet grow and in all honesty me as a person.


In the last year my life has changed dramatically due to this little blog.  I initially started writing to kill some time while my boyfriend was at work and it gave me something to do, I now write because it has become part of my everyday life.  Some days my blog has been my backbone, if I was feeling rubbish Id slump in front of the laptop and start writing about my new favourite product and my mood would be transformed.
A few months ago I read through all my first posts and cringed but then came to think that it is good to keep them there, it reminds you how much you have improved and grown as a writer. 

Watching the number of comments and followers increase is always a major reality check, I often sit and think wow people are still reading this, amazing!  Until July last year I had about 14 followers and then I started to gain my regular readers and the followers grew which meant I was receiving more comments, and that was the turning point for me, it made me love this blog actually interacting with the lovlies that are reading is what makes my blog my favourite place to be on the internet.  I had my own little goals I wanted to reach before Button's Blog first birthday and I am delighted to say I have seen them all accomplished which makes the slightly anal side of me very happy! 


I also started getting involved with the #bbloggers chat on twitter around July and this was amazing, I found myself speaking to so many like minded people on a daily basis and really enjoying the chats.  Now more than 70% of the people I follow are blog related either other bloggers, make up artists and brands.  This was when I had the thought, that if we all got on so well why don't we see more of each other.  This thought progressed and I started attending meet ups all around the country, I even arranged one at the beginning of the year with a couple of lovely ladies. This is my favourite thing about blogging, the social side.

After attending a couple of meet ups I began to realise there are so many bloggers based in my area and I am proud to call most of the ones I have met, friends.  This changed me as a person, after moving to the West Midlands in 2011 to live with my boyfriend I knew nobody so I felt very lonely and longed for a girly day shopping and a night with lots of wine and facemasks.  Now I have so many girls I can get in touch with if I fancy a wee shopping trip or girly pampering night, or even just a chat so to all you girlies, Thank you!


I hope the next year is as exciting for this blog and myself, maybe even more exciting-is that possible?

Look out for something to celebrate this milestone soon!

Lots of Love

A very reflective and sentimental

Gemma Button


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