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Well hello there Button Bloggers. 
My name is Charl and I blog over at Ginger Girl Says, you may have seen Gemma mention me a couple of times (famous dahling) on this here blog and that is because we're technically sistas from another mista... or something street and cool like that.

Gem asked me to guest post whilst she was away on holiday (hope you're having a fab time babes!) but she had one request and one request only. 
"I want you to write a 'you' post, I don't want you to write something just to fit in with my blog because I like the way that you write."

If you haven't read my blog, I write about beauty products - lipsticks are my mecca and I couldn't leave the house without a black eyeliner and fluttery black lashes.  I also believe you're never fully dressed without a red lip. I also like a good "think piece" where I 'wittily' (or try to) discuss the differences between men and women, how women rule/men drool and cover all other aspects of my semi interesting Northern Girl lifestyle. 

So, when Gem asked me if I would write her a post I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about.
When I first started blogging I did it mainly because my body appears to be made up of 80% water (scientific FACT) 5% fat, 2% bones, 3% bullshiz and 10% creativity.  This bullshiz and creativity work in unison to desperately try and find an outlet to explode onto... and where better than my very own blog?  A place where I could write what I like in the hopes that people may find it vagueley   interesting. The other reason being that I would get to buy as many beauty products as I wanted and would be able to justify under the illusion that they were infact "research". 

Blogging can be a pretty lonely place sometimes (get out your violins) you spend a large proportion of your time sitting infront of the laptop writing posts, editing images, promoting your blog via Twitter.  Not to mention waiting around for that second of the day when the sun shines so you can photograph a bazillion beauty products - thus meaning you don't really get to see the light of day.  You "real life" friends don't really get it, most of mine look at me like I've told them I like to slaughter puppies in my spare time when I tell them what beauty blogging is "erm.  So, let me get this straight.  You buy a lipstick, wear it, take a photo of you wearing it, and then write about it on the internet?  And people actually care about your opinion?"  I have to point out that people may not care but yes, yes I do do that. 
What I never thought would come about via blogging was friendships.  Girls (and boys!) who I've met simply through them reading my blog/me reading theirs and the overall social interaction of Twitter that blogging brings.
People like the lovely Gemma Button who runs this here blog, who I met at a Christmas bloggers meet up.  I'd read her blog for a while and spoken to her a handful of times on Twitter, fast forward eating cake pops together, lusting over nail polish, getting drunk, missing trains and sharing a bed together - she's now like my sista from another mista. We just clicked.  Sometimes there are people who just get you, your sense of humour, how your brain works, what makes you tick... and within no time you feel like you can trust them with your deepest darkest secrets and you know they won't tell anybody (partly because you know all of theirs and if they told anyone you would write a blog post detailing them down to the last minute detail). Thats me and Gem.  Like two peas from the same pod (you better make that a broad bean pod, we has big bootys).

There can be some negativity and bitchiness surrounding the beauty blogger circle, but then thats what can happen when people with different opinions and backgrounds "socialise" (predominantly girls - y'all seen Mean Girls right?) But on the whole... we're a pretty amazing and inspiring bunch.  This is only highlighted by the friendships I see everyday that have evolved through blogging, the "friendship" thing is something that I never expected to find when I opened my laptop and started to type, but its something thats pretty bloody amazing and something I wouldn't be without now.
Have you made friendships through blogging?  Met your sister from another mista?  Tell me who they are in the comments below!

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