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9:28:00 pm

Good evening everyone, 

I wanted to write this little post just to keep you updated with what I have been up to and just a general chit chat really.  I hope you like the title of this post, I thought it was a wee bit cool.  This is going to be a little bit of a random and rambly post but there is just so much I have to tell you, if your a bit nosey like me you will love this 

First things first im ill, (yes I expect you to feel some kind of pitty) since Saturday I have been feeling really choked up with the flu, I was annoyed because I had the weekend off and had a whole blogging weekend planned but my body just wanted to sleep, im just so so tired.  I was at work today but im hoping to get a good days rest and lots of vitamin c tomorrow so I can start feeling a bit more human. 

Tomorrow will be a week since I seen Justin Bieber at the NIA in Birmingham, I wasn't a massive fan before the concert, I liked a few of his songs but I don't own any of his albums or anything.  This was the most amazing music concert I have EVER been to.   The atmosphere was just out of this world unlike anything I had never experienced before. I don't think I really realised how much he was idolized until the moment he walked on stage or should I say flew, girls were crying, screaming, shouting marriage proposals, they really are besotted with him.  Now as much as I was not declaring my love to Justin I did appreciate that he is a very fine young lad, such a good looking human, taking his top off at the end of the show was a treat.  I then spent most of the next day watching you tube and the live videos from the show I had been to, maybe had a slight episode of Bieber Fever.  Thankfully the concert I attended run to schedule unlike the much ranted about O2 performance running late yesterday, although I do not agree with what happened, I am a firm believer in the saying -Shit Happens! 

Justin Biber at the NIA Birmingham 2013 27/02

Last week I returned to the Francesco Group Academy for a curly blow dry, unfortunately it did not live up to my first visit there and I had to return shortly after leaving to have my hair curled again as all of the curls had fallen out.  The last time I was there I had an apprentice do my hair and it really was fabulous, this time I had a student this is why didn't mind to much that the blow dry wasn't the best as it is all to help the students gain experience. 

I visited the Crave Salon at Birmingham's Custard Factory,  I was sue to have a pumpkin peel facial but as I was attending the Bieber concert on the same evening the lovely Beau decided it would not be a good idea to perform the treatment.  So that I can experience the full pampering experience of Crave I will be returning this Thursday for a Big Bouncy Blow Dry, very excited about this.  Just look at the glittery black floor, so glamourous.

I had the best little spending spree in Lush the other day I bought lots of Bath Ballistics and Bubble Bars as im sure you are all very aware I love a bath.  I had actually never tried any of Lush's Bath Ballistics before and have been delighted with the two that I have tried already, look out for reviews of these Lush beauties.  The Easter range is lovely, my favourite so far is the Brightside Bubble Bar-super fruity.  I also have to mention the amazing man with orange hair that works in my local Lush store, he was amazing not overly helpful and shoving products down my throat just got an idea for what I was looking for and picked out things he thought Id like, his recommendations were amazing and I bought every single one. 

Right girls I need to make a confession, im slightly embarrassed about this confession but here goes, I had a dream about buying a lipstick!  Yes a full all night dream about buying Mac's Candy Yum Yum, I am craving a bright fushia, matte lipstick. Please tell me in the comments below what your favourite lipstick that fits this description is, I want to buy them all.

So the fact that I have wrote this little ramble for you this evening now breaks the 5 days break I have had from posting and may even mean Im feeling a bit more human.YAY.  All being well I will be posting my usual weekly posts (skincare series, hair care series) before the week is out and a couple of others too.  This brings me to a question I have meaning to ask for a long time, What kind of posts would you like to see more of on Button's Blog, is there something I haven't done that you would like to see or something im doing that you love and want to see more of?

If you have lasted this long I salute you!

Lots of Love

Gemma Button


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