Beauty - Miss Patisserie Bath Bakes Lemon Twist Review

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Here I am again with another product from my new obsession Miss Patisserie,  this time one of their bath bakes, which was the first product that attracted me to the brand.  Cupcakes that are bath fizzies with exfoliating icing, I really couldn't think of anything more indulgent for a bath time treat.

Lemon Twist - Mini Bath Bake 

Before I even opened the little box where my bath bake was being kept safe I was slowly falling in love with the packaging. Each side of the box displays a little scene and is in tune with the branding on the website. I love pugs, and with pugs being a major feature of the Miss Patisserie packing they must have seen me coming, if something has a pug on it I am 100 times more likely to buy it.  The glam lady in the bath adds a slice of class and glamour to the product and even though I don't and never will look like this in the bath it allows me to dream.  I intend to collect these little boxes and maybe use them for jewellery storage.

'The fragrance of icy lemonade and mango with have you dreaming of summer'  -Miss Patisserie

I have never seen bath products this beautiful, before, The level of classiness that Miss Patisserie creates with these little cupcakes.  So much detail has been added to this beauty, with the swirling of yellow in the 'icing', the little lemon slice topper and the threads of glitter just to finish it off.  

  'Fizz softens the water while releasing a beautiful fragrance, this bath delicacy also has an exfoliating top that will leave your skin as soft as silk' - Miss Patisserie

As soon as the scent is released from the box you are greeted with a cool and sweet scent with a sharp zesty undertone.  This smell is only intensified when added to your steaming bath water.  Even though these are nearly to pretty to use in your bath, that is the intended use so I saved this for a full on pamper day.
 I peeled of the cupcake wrapper and popped it in my bath.  The bottom part started to fizz away sending it on an adventure around my bathtub, and the colour started to fade but you are then left with the top.  The top of the cake is used as a light exfoliator rubbing in circular motions on any dry areas.  The exfoliation topper was amazing, it turned slightly creamy and really added a luxury feeling to the experience.

I was left with super soft skin with a room filled with delicious scents after using this, and I really enjoyed the exfoliating icing, it makes this bath fizzie a multipurpose bath product and very worth the £4.50. It will not be my last bath bake, this I know for sure as I have three more sitting pretty waiting to be enjoyed.

Have I made you all want a bath, because I have done that to myself

Lots of Love




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