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As part of my skincare routine I tend to use different a moisturiser for day and night as I prefer a lighter moisturiser for daytime and a thicker one for overnight.  This is the moisturiser I have been using at night for  about six weeks.

Soap and Glory's Wish Upon A Jar Wonder Face Cream
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Firstly this product is packaged in the most beautiful mirrored sphere, a really pretty little pot to sit on your dressing table, this is the nicest packaging out of all of my skincare products, I love it.  The writing is minimal on the actual pot which is good so all the information about the product can be found on the outer typical Soap and Glory vintage-ey pink packaging.

The 'wonder cream' inside the silver sphere is scented with what I can only describe as chocolate orange, it took me a while to put my finger on this scent but it is definitely that of one of my favourite chocolate treats-yum.  It is a pale pink thick cream, I have read some reviews of this product where people claim to see specs of glitter, not lots of glitter but enough to notice, I cannot see this no matter what light I look at the product in.  As before it is a thick cream but not too thick so that it would feel heavy on your skin, it feels luxurious but light.  With the consistency being as it is a little really does go a long way, the time this product lasts justifies the fifteen pound price tag for me.

Soap and Glory Wish Upon a Jar 21 Day Collagen Overhaul cream

Sold as a 21 day collagen overhaul cream with the magical formula including shea butter, antioxidants and oxygen boosters.Soap and Glory describe this as a superactive formula and warn not to overuse due to this being a peptide infused super-boosted intensive facial regenerating treatment and say that using one jar a season (once every three months for the 21 day period) is the intended use.
They recommend to use this morning and night for 21 days under or as your facial moisturiser and after this time go back to your usual moisturiser.
Using it as directed claims to boost moisture levels, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, brighten up tired skin and hide flaws, really sounds like a wonder cream.

When I first purchased this at the end of September 2012 I used it for the 21 days as directed and wasn't sure about it and it definitely was not my favourite moisturiser  due to the lumpy spots I developed on and along my jaw line, I was unsure if it was this product making me break out or maybe it was too much for my skin to use it morning and night. So after the 3 month break I decided to give this product another go but to use it in a different way.
In the middle of January I started using this as just my night cream and using my lighter day cream in the morning, using it like this has worked much better for me no breakouts and visibly brighter and glowing skin.  I am lucky enough to have very minimal fine lines and no wrinkles (hope iv not jinxed myself) so cannot comment on how is combats these areas.  Even though I don't use this the way the brand recommends it works for me and gives me the results im looking for and expect from a moisturiser.

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