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Ohh Look a nail post on Button's Blog, that is something you wouldn't have seen for a while.  I will explain.  I work in a supermarket and working in the bakery is not easy with long nails and polish is just a no no, A croissant with added pink glossiness wouldn't be good for me or anyone.  For this reason I tend not to bother with my nails unless im going somewhere or have a few days off work.

Last week I had an appointment to have a blow dry at Crave, a new salon in the Custard Factory in Birmingham and a little blogger event at the Lancome counter in Selfrides, this was enough excuse for me to get my nails all pretty and get out my amazing Bella Loretta Stick on Nails for the first time.  I have been desperate to wear these for nearly a month now but I haven't gone anywhere that would warrant these beauties.

Before these even landed on my doormat the service I experienced was second to none.  I was sent an order form and two sets of blank nails, one in square and one in stileto.  I sized up my nails making sure the set I was being personalised would fit perfectly, this impressed me so much as I have tiny nails so when buying false nails normally I use all the smallest sizes and find it hard to get good fitting nails.  I chose the stiletto shape as I think its so on trend and something I had never had before, with stars such as Rita Ora and Rihanna being a big fan of this shape, if its good enough for them, its good enough for me.  Also on the order form was a space to completely design each nail, this was so difficult as all of the designs on the Bella Loretta Facebook Page are gorgeous, I decided to use them as inspiration to my completely unique creations.  

The nails come on a sticky pad which keeps them in place when you are not using them and in a pretty floral plastic resealable wallet which keeps them safe and in the best condition.

These are amazing quality. The nails used are sturdy and not bendy like some cheaper alternatives I have used in the past, the gels used are fabulous colours and completely Opaque, and the crystals, bows and lettering have been attached using the strongest glue ever as they will not budge.  The topcoat used is a gel topcoat which keeps everything chip resistant, this makes these nails reusable and will still look the same as the first application every time you apply them.

Application is extremely easy, I used cuticle oil and a wooden nail stick to push back my cuticles before washing my hands.  I applied these one nail at a time using a nail glue I had in my nail box, and in about 5 minutes flat I had glamourous nails.

I had these on for 5 days before I removed them, in this time no chips appeared and all the embellishments were still firmly attached.  I removed these by soaking my nails in warm water for about 10 minutes before lifting them off with a wooden nail stick, after soaking these came off easily and pain free.  I have put these back in the plastic wallet for the next time I want to add a bit of excitement to my fingers.

These are available to order via Facebook or Twitter.  At first the £25 price tag seemed expensive for one set of nails but after the service I received the fact that these nails are 100% better quality that any I have tried before and reusable I could completely justify purchasing these for a special occasion.  
These are hand made my Celebrity Nail Artist Loretta.  This lovely lady has her own in home salon based in Basildon, Essex. As well as creating the most amazing nails I have ever seen Loretta is a  FULLY QUALIFIED Level 2&3 beauty Therapist and provides lots of different treatments at affordable prices.

It is clear from the service Loretta provides that she is passionate about her work and it is lovely to see this passion shine through.  This amazing lady is a complete success story and if you have a little read of this you will know the story of her success.

Lots of Love



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