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Instead of my usual Skincare Routine post this week, Id like to share with you a skincare based event I have been to recently, hope you enjoy.

A couple of months ago I received a very exciting tweet from Lydia, the Business Manager of Lancome, in Selfridges Birmingham.  This lovely lady wanted to get involved with some local bloggers and raise interest and product knowledge of the brand.  This will be a monthly event concentrating on different areas each time, this month it was Skincare. It will include 6 local bloggers who I have chosen, I do apologise that I cannot pick everyone and to keep it simple it will be the same 6 bloggers taking part each month.

To me Lancome is a brand associated with ladies in their 40's and beyond and truthfully I never payed much attention the cult favourite products or new launches.  This is the case with many ladies in my age group and this is what Lydia hopes to change.  This is because Lancome have some of the most high performing, high quality products and they are just not shouted about enough in the beauty world.  Yes they come with higher price tag than your high street favourites, but you pay for quality right?

When we arrived Lydia greeted us and got us all seated behind the counter, she even got us some drinks and nibbles which went down a treat with all of the girls.  She asked for a volunteer and I jumped at the chance, I really had been feeling ill all day and had the same make up on since I left the house early in the morning and appreciated the relaxing experience.

Sophie, Clare, Amy and Helen 
Lydia started by removing my make up with Galateis Douceur, a cream cleanser, something I don't normally use as I prefer a cleanser to use with water.  This was lovely and removed my make up with ease leaving my skin feeling fresh, but not as squeaky clean as I like normally.  She followed with Tonique Douceur, a toner suitable for my combination/oily skin, I loved how soft this made my skin.  
Next was a product that I had never used before from Lancome or any other brand, At Lancome everything starts with Genifique.  Now serums or concentrate are something that never really appealed to me due to most of them being targeted towards anti ageing and I still concider myself young enough not to worry about wrinkles. This was my opinion until the Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate was applied to my face, my skin felt velvety and looked radiant and skin more even, this was after minutes of applying, I can only imagine the effects of long term use.  The next product pretty much blew me away to be honest, this was the Hydra-zen Neurocalm Moisturiser, I suffer with redness and almost immediately this calmed down this redness and I was so impressed, I have never had a moisturiser do this before.

 So now my face was completely free of make up (excluding my eyebrows and eye make up).  As I was travelling home by train and am not brave enough to walk through the city with a bare face yet, Lydia reapplied my base using Lancome's make up range.
She started with Le Base Pro which I would describe as the Lancome version of Benefit's Porefessional (read my porefessional review here). It has the same texture and applies the same but is unscented and is clear in colour. To create an even, natural looking base she used the brand new foundation and corrector duo Teint Visionnaire.  This foundation was just phenominal, it gave me a coverage I was comfortable with but made me look radient and glowy.  I really wanted to purchase this foundation but it is out of my budget at £36, so this will be on a wishlist for when I have some extra money.  Lydia finished the look with a dusting of bronzer and some blush to give me a healthy glow.

Overall, im sure I can talk for all the girls, when I say we had a fabulous time and learned so much.  Concentrating on skincare is becoming more of a lifestyle than a routine for me and all the information Lydia gave us just confirmed how how important it is.  You can cover up blemishes and problem skin with all the make up you can buy but underneath your skin will still be the same.  If you pay more attention to skincare you wouldn't need to wear as much make up as there would be no problems to conceal.  Skincare is becoming more of a priority to me than make up and coming from me this is a bold statement.

Lots of Love



*Thanks to Amy at PYT for taking so many lovely pictures and allowing me to feature them on Button's Blog.

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