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Today I have possibly the most exciting news EVER!  I have an interview for my local Lush store, this is  such an amazing opportunity and im so super excited.  Ever since the age of 12 I have loved the amazing products and in store experience that Lush provide. If anyone has any Lush specific interview tips (i have a feeling it is a group interview) I would be extremely happy to see them in the comments.  The interview is not until  the last week of March but I will off course keep you updated.  

So with this exciting news I want to share with you one of my favourite Lush bath time combinations.


Cream Candy £2.50 available on the official website here
Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment £3.85 available on the official website here

This is one of the Luxury Bath Melt's from Lush's collection of five, I chose this on my recent visit due to the name, colour and scent.  On trying this it has become one of my favourite Lush products of all time, yes even after just one use.
It is shaped like a giant marshmallow and in my favourite colour pink, the size is very generous and bigger than the other bath melts available.  
This is very sweetly scented, which I love.  Its very similar to the popular Snow Fairy Shower Gel (read a review of snow fairy here from the lovely lil miss chickas) and Godmother Soap.  This smell reminds me of candy floss and sweets, taking me back to visits to old fashioned sweet shops with my Grampa, so full of memories.
When I use something other than a liquid bubble bath I want it to be different and exciting to use, with the Lush bath range I love all the different effects and colours that happen when added to water.  This was beautiful in the water, turning it a dusty light pink colour and added a creamy foam to the water.  It also took a long time to melt which is great because it keeps foaming away long after you are in the bath and continues to do so for about 10-15 minutes.  Below are the pictures which I think do more talking than words themselves.

This is fabulous for those of us with dry skin (im sure it would be equally great for other skin types).The almond oil and cocoa butter will leave your skin really smooth while in the bath and long after. With chamomile, marigold and marshmallow these help loads to calm irritated or delicate skin types. 

When I have a really relaxing luxurious bath I could not do so without bubbles, so as lovely as the Mmmelting Marshmallow moment is alone, I added half of my Cream Candy Bubble Bar to the bath water.

Before this use I had never tried this bubble bar before as I always sway towards The Comforter, but after smelling this and it being cheaper than my usual I decided to give it a go.The Little sugar flower and chunks of  bath oil mix helped in my decision off course.  
I like the shape of this as it makes it very easy to cut as I always cut my bubble bars to get the maximum uses from one bar.
This is another sweet smelling wonder with vanilla being the smell I noticed the most, this scent is just lovely and so girly.  

"A sweet creamy candy-floss pink bath that’s like a hug in a soft fluffy towel." - Lush

I only crumbled half of this bar into running water and the amount of bubbles that were produced was amazing,, the best thing is these bubbles lat in your bath, they don't just dissapear after a few minutes.  
With the chunks of bath oil and creamy pink water you you can have a truly girly pink bath and get super smooth skin at the same time, what more could I want from a bubble bar?

These two products work so well together and leave my skin so soft, I love experimenting with different products to make the perfect bath, wonder what I will do next?

Have you invented a fabulous Lush Combo, tell me about it!

Lots of Love



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