Beauty - Umberto Giannini Spa Rituals Shampoo & Conditioner Review

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Hi Hunni's, 

I have decided to review the shampoo and conditioner I use once a week first in this series.  I wanted to review this first as when I use this I like to think its a fresh start or a new week for my hair and therefor is a perfect start to a series of posts about hair care.

Umberto Gianinni Spa Rituals 
Detoxifying Shampoo and Rebalancing Conditioner
These are both available in store at Boots but only the conditioner is available online, im unsure as to why.

I love the outer packaging of both of these products, the sleek bottles with gold tops and gold writing enhances the luxurious feeling of using products part of a purse friendly salon range  The only thing I wasn't such a fan off with this design is that there is no pump or squeezy device, there is just a hole about the size of a 20p piece where the product is dispensed and  more often that not too much product comes out which results in waste. This is a bit of a  niggle when you are paying nearly £6 a bottle.

The Detoxifying Shampoo is a thick clear liquid with a strong scent of rosemary and thyme, this smells very herbal and slightly medicated.  This smell reminds me of cleanliness and deep cleaning which is what I expect from this shampoo.  It is very refreshing and leaves my hair smelling squeaky clean. 

The Balancing Conditioner is noticeably thicker than the shampoo as you would expect and slightly more beige in colour.  This conditioner smells exactly the same as the shampoo, I expected this with it being part of the same range

This shampoo claims to gently remove product build up and invigorate the scalp and is described as a deeply cleansing shampoo that will remove all of the unwanted residue from your hair effectively and is mild enough to not over strip and tangle hair.  I completely agree with these claims, I only use this on a Sunday as a weekly deep cleanse,  to remove any build up from the week (I do wash my hair during the week, im not a scruff ball). I like the way this leaves my hair extremely clean and moisturised  at the same time.  I like using this once a week as it gears my hair up for the week with all the products I may use on it, even though I only use this once a week it is recommended for daily use, I think this shows how gentle the formula is.

This conditioner works perfectly with the shampoo with the softening and nurturing properties of fig and olive it leaves my hair soft and silky but not overpowering the deeply cleansed feeling of the shampoo.  The conditioner is thick enough to work through the hair and into the scalp without being too heavy and weighing down your hair, even though the shampoo is extremely gentle and nourishing  this hydrates my hair further targeting my slightly dry ends.

I really enjoy using these products as my weekly deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner and will continue to use them until there isn't a drop left, but when I finish them I will be looking for a new detoxifying duo with a cheaper price tag or around the same price but bigger bottles, just better value for money really.

Do you have any recommendations for a new detoxifying duo that I need in my life?

Lots of love



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