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Just before I get into this review and latest installment of my hair care series I will tell you now this is a rave review and this product has changed my life and I genuinely cannot live without it, I can prove this as I recently left this at fellow blogger and friend Miss Charl's  house and after two days without it I purchased another as I simply could not cope without it.  I need to thank my 11 year old cousin for introducing me to this wonder if it wasn't for this little lady I wouldn't own one.

This is off course the famous
Tangle Teezer

 Where did the Tangle Teezer come from and who invented it?
This amazing device was invented by a man, yes a man who obviously is a good man that cares about our tresses.  Shaun P had worked in the hair industry for years and was constantly witnessing assistants hacking through freshly washed hair with a comb, he realised there was a calling for a detangling tool that didn't lock in tangles.
Shaun took his invention to Dragon's Den and and unfortunately the Dragons declared themselves out and did not invest, branding the Tangle Teezer a 'hair brained idea'.  Fortunately for us suffering the trauma of tangles Shaun began marketing the product himself and sales soon took off.  With lots of awards and recognition in magazines this became the best selling hairbrush in the UK.  With new designs being added to the collection all the time this is a huge success story and one that genuinely makes me smile, silly dragons bet you they kick themselves now.

Why does it work like no other?
This is all down to the teeth.  Specifically spaced and designed teeth.  Teeth that glide through tangles without pulling or getting caught.  This really does just smooth through wet hair with no tugging or discomfort meaning  very little damage to your locks.

I use this on my wet hair, dry hair when doing up do's pretty much anything with my hair this gets some attention, it has changed my hair life and my hair loves it.  I didn't believe a hairbrush could make such a difference to the condition to my hair but this really has, I really will have one of these forever.

I bought this at my local boots store and it was around £11, the best pounds I have ever spent, but you can get this and all the other colours and designs on the official website Here

Lots of Love



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